Random Thoughts! (February 1, 2011)

Random Thought! It's February! And... that's all I've got to say about that. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture.

Random Thought! I celebrated my birthday this week with a slightly embarrassing post on GraphiContent that means I will no longer trash Bendis's version of Noh-Varr.

Random Thought! In case you didn't see it: The Age of X Dialogues Part One by Kelly Thompson and myself. Two CSBG bloggers joining forces for awesome.

Random Thought! Bendis's oral history of the Avengers stuff is actually one of the more interesting things he's written. He's not just determining the present and future of the Avengers, he's rewriting the past so you can actually have the entire existence of the Avengers as written by him. That's oddly genius.

Random Thought! Though, I was annoyed by Avengers #9 for something that's pretty specific to me: Steve Rogers, America's top cop, acting like being given a job by the president means he gets to rule over everyone. To an extent that's true since the Avengers are under his purview, but that only extends so far. Like showing up in the remains of Attilan and acting like you have any authority. Pretty sure his power ends where the border does. But, his attitude towards Tony Stark forming the Illuminati is another one of my pet peeves: self-proclaimed figures of authority getting pissed off when someone else dares to declare themselves an authority of some sort. Superheroes are all people who decided that they can do their job -- no one hired them or deemed them qualified. So, it always comes off as incredibly hypocritical when one takes the attitude of "You're not qualified to do this! Fuck off!" My 'favourite' example was during Joe Casey's Uncanny X-Men run where Banshee began the X-Corps in Europe and Angel and Nightcrawler acted like he wasn't allowed to do that. How dare he act like he has the authority to deal with mutant situations on a continent the X-Men barely visit! Especially, because the X-Men were entrusted with the sacred duty of protecting mutantkind and dealing with all mutant-related matters by Professor Charles Xavier who was allowed to open a school for gifted children! THEY HAVE THE FULL MIGHT OF THE NEW YORK STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION (or whatever it's called) BEHIND THEM! THAT'S ALL THE AUTHORITY THEY NEED OR WANT!

Random Thought! Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are self-involved snobs.

Random Thought! Hey, DC, regarding that across-the-board shift to 20 pages/$2.99 for January? Way to fuck up Detective Comics #873. The back-up feature should have at least continued into this issue... it being there for the first two parts of a storyarc and not the third just looks awkward and poorly planned (and not by the creators). I love how, in their rush to make a big splash, they hurt the quality of a comic and damaged its momentum a little.

Random Thought! Titles of "Flashpoint" books don't help me a lot. I need creative teams before I can decide if any are worthwhile. But, with such a variety, I'm sure there will be a few that appeal to me. If The Secret Seven is Milligan and Perez, that looks like one I'd buy.

Random Thought! The Splash Page Podcast returns this week.

Random Thought! This week is one of those rare weeks where every comic I'm buying is to review for CBR.

Random Thought! Want to see the difference inking jobs can make? Buy Captain America #614 and watch as the visual style shifts from scene to scene in radical ways!

Random Thought! Placed an order with Mile High Comics yesterday since they're my go-to online back issue retailer. They have an easy-to-use eBay store, most back issues are a buck, and it's standard $11 shipping to Canada. Ordered the Mark Millar Authority run, the two issues of the Peyer fill-in arc that I don't have, Spawn/Batman, the issues of Solo they had and I didn't, and some X-Files comics for Michelle. Now, I just have to wait somewhere between two and three weeks for them to arrive...

Random Thought! Hmm... Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 was worse than Ultimate Comics Avengers 2, which was worse than Ultimate Comics Avengers, which was worse than The Ultimates 2, which was worse than The Ultimates... who's excited for Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates?

Random Thought! I can't wait to see how Thor: For Asgard ends. I've been a little iffy on the last couple of issues and hope that Robert Rodi can stick the landing.

Random Thought! Looking at Greg's review of every DCU comic from January, I'm again reminded of how stupid that cover theme looks. DC likes to do these, while Marvel at least has the good sense to make them variant covers.

Random Thought! Hmm... apparently, the current issue of Wizard is the last one. I must buy it.

Random Thought! Chris Jericho DVD set and a preorder of his new book for my birthday? Thanks, mom!

Random Thought! Invincible Iron Man #500.1 will be reviewed/judged on one thing: does it make me want to buy #501?


Random Comments! I find it funny that people have taken to calling the comments section to posts 'random comments.' Silly people, that's the title of this section of the post. Only the chosen elite count as 'random comments.' The rest is just noise that no one cares about. Sorry. (And, yes, that was meant to be tongue-in-cheek...)

Meatbag said: What don’t you like about Johns’ writing?

It's dull and generic. Pages are full of overwrought dialogue and he manages to take any concept, no matter how cool it sounds in theory, and make me not give a fuck. I've discussed Johns at length in the past and don't feel like saying much more. It's mostly... he's not my cup of tea. A very nice guy, but not a writer whose work engages me.

Enrique said: Maybe not the place to comment but since it is Random comments, I’ll post here that I just read your light hearted reviews of the Sin City books. I think you did a very good job on those. I just went on a Frank Miller phase, reading his Daredevil run, his Batman run, Sin City and 300. It was a fun ride, it was nice to have a place to read some thoughtful reviews about his work.

Thank you. Sucking up will always earn someone a place in Random Comments!

MarkAndrew said: I keep feeling like I need to buy DeadpoolMAX, even though, in theory it should be the worst comic ever.

And, yet... it's totally awesome.

Tom Fitzpatrick said: Unnh, isn’t he your boss, and dread lord and master? Hope you don’t get paid for these blogs at CBR, ‘cuz you just might be getting a pink slip soon, eh?

Paid? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And Brian isn't my boss. If anything, I tell him what to do... when it comes to creating new categories for posts, because I'm not allowed to do that. But, when I tell ask him politely, he does it for me. So, he's obviously my bitch.

Dominic said: Cherry Coke = best kind of Coke.

No, that would be Vanilla Coke.

Mecha-Shiva said: Tim Roth is British on Lie to Me.

Right you are! Wrong I was!

Kevin Hellions said: Agree with the no bad seats at wrestling. I was in the rafters at SkyDome for WrestleMania and still vividly remember every detail of every match. Also, you think R-Truth gets a huge reaction. Hogan vs. Rock was one of the most amazing things anyone in that arena has ever seen.

Hopefully, rumours of WrestleMania in Toronto again soon prove true. I've yet to attend 'Mania and that's just not right.

Daryll B. said: Hawkeye wouldn’t have made it to ‘Nam. He would have gone either to San Francisco or Canada and been a flower child. (Pretty scary thought when you think of it of him creating a mobile still to make LSD…)

He would have been too old to have been drafted, I believe, for 'Nam -- which is why I thought of him as a civilian advisor. Someone opposed to the war, but still driven by conscience to go over from time to time to teach the doctors new techniques developed.

Louis Bright-Raven said: What, you went to a RAW show and didn’t take a sign pimping CBR?

Never occurred to me. Actually, it never occurs to me to make signs. The seats I usually get are so far up that there's no point... except to block the views of people behind me.

funkgreenjerusalem said: It’s the same with nearly everyone who drops a book, but some people can’t spend as much as they would like on comics, and so this is aimed at them. Odd that anyone could get confused by the concept in a recession, but there ya go.

Not confused, presenting a different perspective on the issue. What works for me doesn't work for everyone, but with so many people bitching about the price of comics, it doesn't seem out of place for someone who doesn't have any problems with those prices saying so, right? I was content with the $3.99 books DC was putting out and am annoyed by the change. How is that reaction/perspective any less valid or unsensitive to others?

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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