Random Thoughts! (December 22, 2009)

Random Thought! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and have a Kwazy Kwanzaa! It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Random Thought! Links post! The 411 Wrestling Top 5 on wrestling siblings which I contributed my picks to (and apparently got some info about the Steiner Brothers wrong because I was a little kid at the time...). High Road/Low Road on Luke Gallows and CM Punk (a difficult one since I really like this angle). TNA Final Resolution roundtable preview (where I made up for my getting zero TLC predictions correct by calling every match... except for the Feast or Famine one where I only predicted one case correctly... but, come on, getting one right was pretty good). Wrestling 4Rs, including my write-up of TNA Impact. Part one of the latest Splash Page (part two is linked at the end of that post). And, finally, wrestler of the week.

Random Thought! I'm not a big superhero movie guy, but I did really enjoy Iron Man and the sequel looks pretty damn good from what I've seen so far.

Random Thought! Okay, by the current logic of the various Corps in the DCU, if the characters feel an emotion too strongly, they suddenly join that Corps? Like, Guy Gardner got too mad and BAM! Red Lantern! Seriously?

Random Thought! After the post from two weeks ago, I wanted to avoid wrestling for a while (aside from linking to things I've written -- but that's more about providing people with links to other things I've written than pushing wrestling), but my girlfriend got me the DVD of Dragon Gate USA's first PPV, Open the Historic Gate (though, the broadcast version of the show was called Enter the Dragon) for Christmas and I cannot recommend this highly enough to any fan of wrestling. The first disc is the complete show (including the very mediocre Too Cold Scorpio/Kenny Dyksta Doane dark second match) and it's probably the best show top to the bottom (excluding that dark second match) you're going to see. Amazing matches, storytelling, moves... fantastic. The second disc includes the FRAY dark match, the promotional video for the PPV, a highlights package, and a couple of older matches featuring many of the wrestlers involved. My girlfriend and I had to stop a couple of times to rest because we were just a little too overwhelmed by the quality... the way that you can only read small chunks of really, really great books sometimes. Highly recommended.

Random Thought! Looking through the DC solicits for March, one book stands out: Nemesis: The Imposters. Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape was a real treat and surprise with some weird storytelling by Ivan Brandon, Marco Rudy, and Cliff Richards. Am very glad that DC is following up on it. Now, if only we could get a Super Young Team series...

Random Thought! I'm looking forward to Siege. Four months seems like it will be the right amount of time for an event of this kind. Plus, most events only have around four issues worth of content anyway...

Random Thought! While I had been planning to avoid it, my girlfriend is a Nicolas Cage fan, so I may be forced to see Kick-Ass. Dammit.

Random Thought! I've been a little disappointed with this year's batch of What If? titles. It's a comic that's completely open creatively and is so often mundane and boring. It shouldn't be. It's a chance to not have to worry about what comes next and tell stories the way they should be told. Also, the use of painting/heavy computer colouring on the art has been brutal.

Random Thought! And... I've got nothing else. I will return in two weeks since I'm taking the week off. Happy holidays again. I will return in the new year.

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