Random Thoughts! (December 15, 2009)

Random Thought! Why, yes, my only goal here is amusing myself. Thank you for noticing. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Random Thought! Links thought: The Future is Mundane and Oh So Typical (thoughts on Noh-Varr and Dark Avengers annual #1). 411mania Wrestling Fact or Fiction, which is where two people are given eight statements and declare them fact or fiction and explain why, and this is my first appearance in the column wherein a variety of issues are discussed like TLC, Umaga's death, and the Kurt Angle/Desmond Wolfe feud. Serial Storytelling, Format, the 22-Page Comic Book and Television. High Road/Low Road on Sheamus as the #1 Contender to the WWE Championship. Rountable Preview of TLC PPV. Wrestling 4Rs wherein I do the TNA iMPACT! section (which I'll be doing from now on) (the 4Rs being a qualitative-focused recap/critique of various shows where the categories are: Right, puRgatoRy, wRong, and Ridiculous). Wrestler of the Week. I think that's all of them.

Random Thought! I wouldn't buy those Earth One books in singles. I won't be buying them as graphic novels.

Random Thought! This past week, I began rereading through all of the posts done I've written on GraphiContent for reasons I can't (re: won't) discuss and, to keep things interesting, I've been posting random quotes that I like on Twitter. Here are five that I really like:

"A real chance to move the character forward and seek new challenges thrown away because SUPERMAN MUST HIT THINGS! DERRR!"

"My god, do you know how refreshing it is to read a comic where these people actually talk like fucking adults?"

"...I also kept thinking, 'Hey, yeah, this is Superman and you're Aquaman. Shut the fuck up.'"

"Here's the thing: teens like the word 'fuck' and they like tits. And they use the word 'fuck' and they see tits."

"At least have Ultimate Wolverine call Sabretooth a 'cocksucker.' Because he would. Because Sabretooth is a cocksucker."

Random Thought! While I haven't been the biggest Matt Fraction fan during the past year, him taking over Thor would get me excited since I loved the specials he wrote. Hell, when JMS was announced as leaving, he was my pick then to take over.

Random Thought! Am I the only one that finds it kind of stupid that Bruce Wayne would continue to dress as Batman in different time periods? Maybe there's an explanation, but, as it is, it seems dumb.

Random Thought! Because of my involvement with CBR, I usually wind up doing two different best of the year top ten lists. One in early December like the one I completed this week and sent in to be tallied and counted with everyone else who works for the site's choices, and one done after the year is over where minor changes are made based on what happens in the final weeks of the year. Usually, changes are made because I get some graphic novels for Christmas as presents or use gift cards for Chapters to buy some. This year, the likely candidate to join the second list will be Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli since I haven't been able to get it yet and it tops my list of 'things to buy with a gift card to Chapters.' Which is bad news for the book that came in at the #10 spot on my CBR list (which, coincidentally, was the same book that got the #10 spot last year and was bumped off the second list by ACME Novelty Library #19 (which wound up taking the #3 spot on that final list), which I bought with a Christmas gift card. Then again, maybe I won't get it or any gift cards and the list will remain the same. Who knows?

Random Thought! Also, my top book of 2009 will surprise no one. Tim Callahan guessed it on his first try.

Random Thought! SWORD has left me rather cold. It's a solid, slightly-above-average comic so far. It could get better, but it's not rocking my world the way it seems to be rocking the worlds of others. Tim Callahan agrees with me on this, too, so I know I'm definitely right (because Tim and I agreeing is the same as objective fact... just so you know).

Random Thought! While I'm mostly taking December off from doing reread reviews (November burned me out something fierce -- and I'm adjusting to my various wrestling-related writing commitments), expect a reread review of J. Michael Straczynski's Thor run this Sunday.

Random Thought! I apparently hurt CBR's credibility this week by giving X-Men Forever three stars... which is too low a rating? As I've said before, I think star ratings are pretty meaningless and are there as a quick idea of what a reviewer thinks, but the review itself is what matters.

Random Thought! I'm of two minds when it comes to a book like Marvel's upcoming Girls Comics and its focus on exclusively female creators as women handle every single aspect of the anthology series. My main reaction is that I wish such a thing weren't necessary, because I've always treated creators like creators, not caring what their gender (or race) is so long as the work appeals to me. Then again, this is the real world where not everyone thinks like that and, honestly, how much material I'm possibly exposed to by women is limited by the decision-making bodies at the publishers. Anything to work to eliminate any possible limitations or boundaries that exist based on gender (or race) is a good thing. I'm not sure this will help since it may wind up being a project that preaches to the choir with those who have problem with women in comics avoiding it like the plague. The line-up of creators is pretty good, so I'll probably give it a look. If anything keeps me away, it's my general dislike for the mixed bag that is anthology books... well, my dislike of reviewing them, at least. Ultimately, I don't care how or why a book is put out or who does the work so long as it's good. That's what really matters in the end as far as I'm concerned (and, of course, from my white heterosexual male perspective, it's easier for me to say that than it for others, obviously).

Random Thought! The best part of the current storylines countdown? Exchanging snarky e-mails with Brian. And, yes, I'm still going to do a post about my top ten once the full list is out. It looks likely that only three of my picks made the top 100, two of which have been revealed. Anyone care to guess which two?

Random Thought! Too many things to write today means that I'm cutting this short and scheduling it now (it's 2:41 pm EST, so it won't be up for a bit more than two hours...).


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