Random Thoughts! (December 11, 2012)

Random Thought! Maybe I should try to do a 'regular' edition of Random Thoughts this week? It's Random Thoughts time! Get excited!

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Random Thought! My best friend, best man, and flamingo, Adam Langton, is the star of the upcoming webseries Year and the trailer is now up. Go check it out. It's got zombies. People love zombies, right? Also, Adam is amazing.

Random Thought! Planning for my final Blogathon continues. All of the details are almost finalised. It's going to be big, especially since I had a dumb idea the other day that would further complicate things. Really, I'm just hoping to raise a lot of money for charity and have some fun. Expect an announcement in the coming weeks.

Random Thought! The departure of Karen Berger from DC/Vertigo isn't too surprising, nor will it (hopefully) be the last we see of Berger and her effect on comics. I guess what baffles me is the absolute inability to think longterm. Look at all of the creators who cut their teeth at Vertigo (or the pre-Vertigo realm she oversaw) and it's hard not to wonder why anyone would willingly choose to lose that. It's not like any of those people ever did anything worthwhile, right? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck...

Random Thought! It occurred to me this week that I can't really criticise Rags Morales's art in Action Comics without people thinking that it may be personal... I guess that's one reason to keep stuff like that private. I can't think of any others, honestly. Aside from money. I am entertaining offers to keep my e-mail archives closed now...

Random Thought! Jim Starlin taking over a DC title is announced on the same day that Gail Simone has been fired from Batgirl is confirmed? I think we all know what that means... A STORY WHERE A TEXT-IN POLL DETERMINES IF BATGIRL GETS CRIPPLED AGAIN OR NOT! (Standard rates apply plus $0.50 per text. You can vote as many times as you wish.)

Random Thought! It's remarkable how much Avengers #1 reads like the happy-go-lucky optimist brother to The Ultimates #1. Same writer, same colourist, similar penciller, similar plot, a total reverse of the cynical-we-are-so-fucked tone. Being a pretty negative, cynical lover of all that is fucked up, I prefer The Ultimates.

Random Thought! Not The Ultimates right now, obviously... Yes, let's make Captain America president and then have him do all of the same superhero stuff he'd do if he weren't president, except now he's got more people yelling at him because he should actually be doing stuff presidents do... THAT IS A BETTER COMIC BOOK IDEA.

Random Thought! In Daredevil: End of Days, I love the running joke that every single woman that Matt Murdock has ever slept with has a red-headed kid that's probably his. The man has a lot of sex and doesn't seem to carry around any condoms. Clearly, the comic will end with an entire planet of red-headed radar sense enhanced kids in an homage to The Incal (though, The Filth already did that...).

Random Thought! My actual top five guesses for the comic Jim Starlin is writing for DC (assuming it is an existing comic): The Savage Hawkman (he was to relaunch the book a few years back, so bringing him back to just do what he was going to do makes sense), Aquaman (he had pitched a Namor book to Marvel that never happened, so, again, why not reuse old ideas?), Red Lanterns (Cosmic! Emotions! STARLIN!), Stormwatch (semi-cosmic superheroes), and Firestorm (multiple personalities, science/cosmic powers... sounds like Starlin). Of course, now I want to see him write all of those comics.

Random Thought! Or do the big finale of The Metamorphosis Odyssey.

Random Thought! According to his bio in the fourth paperback of Jack Kirby's Fourth World, Paul Levitz is the president and publisher of DC Comics. You know what? If still he were the president and publisher of DC Comics, COLLECTIONS WOULDN'T GO TO PRINT WITH DUMB SHIT LIKE THAT IN THEM, YOU LAZY FUCKS. Because it's so hard to update the small details from the hardcover editions, right? Those bits in these paperback editions have been hilarious. From mentioning 'hardcover' explicitly on the back covers to the table of contents for the third edition STILL saying a comic is in the book that isn't to saying a man is the president and publisher of the company when he has been for years! How fucking amateurish do the folks at DC like looking? Because, right now, I wouldn't trust them to proof an e-mail.

Random Thought! Dammit, other people on eBay! Stop sniping my attempts to buy Time Fades Away by Neil Young at a reasonable price!

Random Thought! Nothing like opening a two-disc DVD and seeing that only disc two is inside.

Random Thought! Okay, my favourite part of the Butcher Baker, Righteous Maker hardcover (aside from the cover) is getting a Joe Casey/Mike Huddleston story I haven't read yet.

Random Thought! As... well, turned off I am from The Ultimates lately, Ultimate X-Men continues to be one of the best comics published by Marvel or DC (well, aside from the art). Brian Wood is going all out on this one. I love his latest gambit: "Ultimate Uptopia" aka 'Reservation X' aka poisoned barren ground given to the final 20 mutants on Earth so they will hopefully just fucking die already. It's like he looked at the 'near extinct' mutant race in the regular MU and said, "200? That's plenty! I'll show you near extinct, dammit!" and got rid of everyone mutant powers save 20.

Random Thought! The latest issue of Uncanny Avengers had me thinking about something I come to, time to time: what is the difference between mutants and other superhumans? I know what the actual difference is, but, I mean, in practical terms. What's the difference? Someone gets their power by hitting puberty or from scientists or from gamma rays or whatever -- what's the difference? It baffles me. Truly.

Random Thought! We have finally finished with the Roger Moore Bond flicks. He's definitely not my favourite Bond, but I can see why people who came to like the character/franchise through his movies wouldn't necessarily love Daniel Craig in the role. But, I came to like the character/franchise through Daniel Craig, so you can see where I'm coming from. A View to a Kill featured the most "It's the '80s!" opening credits ever and the second half of the movie is almost impossible to take seriously if you've seen That '70s Show. We're down to six movies left to watch. Seven, I guess, if you count the original Casino Royale, which I have on DVD. Eight if I get a copy of Never Say Never Again.

Random Thought! DC is making it easy to just buy the good Before Watchmen comics in hardcover. That's nice. (Meaning, volumes one and two: Cooke and Azzarello.)

Random Thought! I want to see a parody of Everybody Poops called "Darkseid Poops." Because I would assume he does and knowing that could help children potty train. Or something. Whatever. I just find the idea funny. Shut up. I hate you.

Random Thought! I really like Image's use of hardcovers without dust jackets. Humanoids does that, too. It's my preferred method of packaging hardcovers now.

Random Thought! In anticipation of Gun Machine coming out in a few weeks, I reread Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis. Seemed oddly brief. Then again, the structure he had in place for that novel could have supported how many additional stops? I'm definitely curious now to see what he does in Gun Machine, especially with his style.

Random Comic Creator E-Mail! From Ed Brubaker on Friday January 2, 2009 at 1:06pm:

SUBJECT: Incognito's lettering

MESSAGE:The negative space in the word balloons in there on purpose. I'm sorry you don't enjoy the look of it, but it's a stylistic choice, not that the lettering is too small for the balloons.

It's similar in style to what Ken Bruzenak used to do on American Flagg and to the lettering of John Workman (especially on Paul Pope's stuff).

The next issue of Incognito will get more into the story and the world, so I hope you stick around.


Random Joe Casey Question! You've made the odd reference to wrestling over the years, even done a comic or two featuring it (like the one issue of Gen13 you did with Kevin Maguire). Is that something you have an active interest in still? I'm an active fan/reader/viewer/whatever of both wrestling and superhero comics and keep noticing the similarities between the two -- in the fan culture of each, in telling stories through violence, in the fact that both are often dismissed as being for kids or the unintelligent. Do you think there's a relationship between the two at all?

Random Joe Casey Answer! I think there's probably a relationship between them, both good and bad. But I'm honestly not enough of a wrestling fan to talk about it with any real authority. That Gen 13 issue with Kevin was a case of me specifically asking him what kind of shit he wanted to draw. That thing is like a "Maguire's Greatest Hits" comicbook, as far as I'm concerned. My own exposure to professional wrestling is limited to when Hulk Hogan and Mister T co-hosted SNL to promote Wrestlemania, back in the day, or maybe the Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler gag. I can certainly see the similarities you're referring to. I tend to think the perceived simplicity of something like the WWE probably belies the sophistication of the industry, although I could be wrong about that. I really have no idea. Then again, I'm more inclined to read a business expose of Vince McMahon than I am to actually watch an episode of WWE Raw... just as I'm more inclined to read and enjoy Sean Howe's Marvel book much more than I'm inclined to actually read a current Marvel comicbook.


That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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