Random Thoughts! (December 1, 2009)

Random Thought! Winter's coming! Winter's coming! Winter's coming! It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Random Thought! For reasons I can't explain, I've been thinking of an article surrounding novelists I enjoy and which comics I'd have them write. Because I find the idea horrible and wrong-minded, I'm not writing said article/blog post in an official form. Instead, I'm going to give a breakdown of my selections here with very brief explanations.

1. Bret Easton Ellis: Batman. Reason: read American Psycho (Patrick Bateman is Bruce Wayne/Batman) and Glamorama (Victor Ward/Johnson is the Bruce Wayne persona that is used in public)...2. Thomas Pynchon: The Avengers (circa 1968-1976). Reason: government ties, corporate heroes, alien wars, trippy cosmic shit... seems to fit...3. Nick Hornby, Chuck Klosterman: Spider-Man. Reason: single geeky guy struggling with shitty life... seems right...4. Haruki Murakami: Flash. Reason: Wally West fits with many of his protagonists and Murakami also likes to run...

That's as far as I got. Now can we all forget that I mentioned this?

Random Thought! Wrestling links: High Road/Low Road on Christian as ECW Champion; wrestler of the week wherein I rank Sheamus lower than most, because while it's a big push for him, he got there through less impressive means than others. (Meaning, one squash match and cherry-picking in a battle royale doesn't match up against guys who won three or four matches in a tournament...)

Random Thought! I'm going to enjoy the December 30th comics skip week, I think. While I love comics and reviewing comics... there are new ones every week. Every fucking week. It gets a little tiring sometimes. And during the holidays like that is the perfect time for everyone to take a week off (though I recognise the financial downside for retailers and don't like that part of it).

Random Thought! So... no one cares about Duffy Duck comics? How did TaleSpin get tons of comments, while Daffy Duck gets so few?

Random Thought! Whatever happened to John Francis Moore?

Random Thought! Nostalgia November was a lot of fun, but thank god that's done now.

Random Thought! Smart of Marvel to push back the New Avengers annual a couple of weeks instead of shipping it on a heavy Bendis Avengers week.

Random Thought! New Splash Page by Tim and I on best of the '00s lists... part one and part two.

Random Thought! One of the things I really liked about Thor Giant-Size Finale is that Straczynski left it open for whoever came next (Gillen, we know, but let's assume he didn't) to pick up without having to deal with too drastic a status quo change. It makes JMS's run less definitive and self-contained, but works well for the comic itself as a serial book.

Random Thought! I wish I weren't so lazy...

Random Thought! Got a press release today for a WWE comic by Titan. It looks awful in that way that most wrestling comics do when they try to add a larger story to the characters by pretending they're real -- and by introducing a story outside of the confines of the ring. Part of what makes wrestling great to watch is the knowledge that it is acting and appreciating those performances. Often, the writing is not good, the stories obvious and cliched, but they are pulled off by talented individuals who make you forgot all of that stuff. It's so tied to the way it's done that shifting it from one medium to another kills it. That said, I may check out an issue or two for pure curiosity's sake -- and, because, hey, should make for a good review or two. Perhaps Brand and I should team up to discuss each and every issue here... (Bleeding Cool has a preview -- though I'm not sure why they're calling it an 'exclusive' preview since those images were in the e-mail I got, too, and have since run on numerous other sites, comic and wrestling in focus. That I didn't run the item is merely that I didn't want to... See the above random thought for more details on that...)

Random Thought! This week's episode of House was pretty good.

Random Thought! Yeah, I don't care about the Justice Society of America appearing on a TV show... I actually don't care about any superheroes appearing on a TV show. Or movie. At least not enough to geek out in any way.

Random Thought! Prepare for the final page of tomorrow/Thursday's Dark Avengers annual #1 to be the most talked about Marvel page this week... and for another page in that comic to cause me to rant in a very fanboyish fashion (but I'll wait until the comic is out to do so).

Random Thought! Expect a fun post tomorrow. I'll be debuting a new game for people to play here when the situation allows (and if people actually enjoy it). Fun fun fun.

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