Random Thoughts! (August 31, 2010)

Random Thought! This time of year always depresses me. It used to be because it was time to go back to school. Now, it's because I don't get to go back to school. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture.

Random Thought! Some brief, incoherent thoughts on the idea of Zodiac as Deadpool's archenemy.

Random Thought! I didn't read any comics this past Saturday, in public or private. Not on purpose, I just had a busy day of hanging out with the girlfriend. I guess I did read (I think), but that was Hey Rube by Hunter S. Thompson. Otherwise, Michelle and I went out shopping, watched some DVDs, went for a nice walk by the river... Very lovely day.

Random Thought! Apparently, Secret Warriors will officially end with issue 27. No big surprise there since Jonathan Hickman has stated that it would end around issue 30 (and, if you include the two one-shots that have also come out, it will be 29 issues). Glad to see that he's gotten to tell his story. That said, that leaves only eight issues and I have no idea how he'll pull it all together. Should be exciting, though.

Random Thought! Next week, Labour Day means that comics ship a day later in the US. That means, Americans, I will have the final issue of Daytripper along with the new Batman and Robin before you. (Seriously, this never gets old.) Plus, it will mean the return of "Guess the Real Spoiler," everyone's favourite Comics Should be Good game.

Random Thought! Big thing poppin', little things stoppin'!

Random Thought! Hey, did you know I have a bunch of Sporcle quizzes you can do? Check out my profile for them. It's mostly simple quizzes like name the books of Bret Easton Ellis, Haruki Murakami, Thomas Pynchon, or Hunter S. Thompson, or name the albums of Ryan Adams, Hawksley Workman, or the Hives. Seven quizzes. All fun. The site also has a lot of fun superhero quizzes made by people like superhero by letter or Marvel characters by hands.

Random Thought! This week, we all love Ryan Lindsay as he joins the CBR review team. I'm no longer the new guy. Finally the hellish hazing can stop.

Random Thought! I seriously love those four pages of Wade and Red Crow in Scalped #40.

Random Thought! Curious to read Scarlet #2 and Thor: For Asgard #1 tomorrow. Just super-excited to read The Boys #46.

Random Thought! There are many books I'd love to get advance copies of, but I'd kill for an advance copy of The Art of Jim Starlin (even a pdf would do!). Kill with my bare hands. I'm looking forward to that book so much.

Random Thought! "Infinity Forever!"

Random Thought! Funny moment: Michelle and I were finished up The New and Improved DX DVD set on Sunday night and noticed Sheamus acting as a security guard at the UK Raw episode. This was back in 2006. He even got to take a Pedigree while the rest all simply got knocked down and out of the ring. He was favoured even then...

Random Thought! On Sunday, we watched the three flicks written and directed by Neveldine/Taylor. That's quite the marathon. Michelle's favourite was Gamer, while Crank: High Voltage is mine.

Random Thought! Is there are a creator or creative team that could replicate the Neveldine/Taylor style in comics? Franky Quitely came close with We3, I think.

Random Thought! Over at 411mania, someone complained about my 4Rs reviews of TNA Impact, because I'm a 'wrestling purist.' That cracks me up.

Random Thought! I want to see the people behind SpongeBob SquarePants do a Deadpool cartoon.

Random Thought! And I still want Craig Ferguson to write an Aquaman comic.

Random Thought! Any other Babylon 5 fans recognise the argument between Diana and Aphrodite in Wonder Woman #602?

Random Thought! So... is Gravel officially ending after issue 21?

Random Thought! Hey, are there any topics or questions people want addressed/answered on the Splash Page Podcast?


Random Comments! I talk, you talk, I talk again.

funkygreenjerusalem said: Yeah, realized it was a silly statement after I posted it, but just before posting I’d just read Abhay’s review of the issue where he made it sound like the worst thing ever, and as he does in his way, it seemed like there could be no other view on the issue.

Oh, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone except a hardcore Avengers fan or a hardcore Joe Casey fan.

Lou said: Dam, and here I thought I made some kind of discovery on my own. I’ve been buying the new editions of Transmet as they come out after reading a friend’s copies several times over the years. I bought the first collection of Thompson’s columns (Great White Shark Hunt? I think, haven’t picked it up all summer) and the ’72 campaign book in May, for reading material on a plane ride to Italy. The last hundred pages or so had me actually writing down characters and events that seemed cut and pasted into the first several arcs of Transmet. No slight to Ellis, of course, I just never realized he’d done that with the election storyline. Another reason to enjoy it now.

The influence is far more noticeable in the first four or five trades. I like how Ellis used Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72 for his own purposes. It's a rough spine that allows him to do what he wants/needs to.

Wally Strong said: “I can appreciate the craft of All-Star Superman, it just doesn’t engage me on a personal, emotional level.” This is perhaps the most douchey statement I’ve ever read.

Why? It's the truth (for me). There are plenty of works that I respect and admire when examining how it's put together and constructed, its use of technique, etc., but doesn't appeal to me on that contextual, 'superficial' level where it actually connects with me in an emotional, personal way. That's the way it is sometimes.

Anonymous said: Rnadom Thought: Your girlfriend’s more of a man than you are if she’s the one off camping while you’re whining about having three hours to write a bunch of bs. Remember to rub her feet and have a hot meal well prepared for her when she gets back. Wuss.

She enjoys camping. I don't. Plus, it was a chance for her to spend a few days with her family without me around, while I got to spend a few days here without her around. Everyone was pretty happy with the arrangement. And, just remember, I may write a bunch of BS, but you come and read my bunch of BS.

TimCallahan said: Chad, I hope you don’t mind me making a mockery of your comment thread with my linkage. If you do mind, then I dare you to come down here and go to a convention with me and buy me a beer!

Bastard! And... your challenge seems oddly slanted in your favour...

fit2print said: Just for the record, I think it’s called Punisher MAX: Happy Endings, after the Korean massage parlour where some of the action takes place … in more ways than one, apparently

It's titled Punisher Max: Happy Ending. I was wrong, but then you had to go and correct me... and were also wrong, technically. Don't you hate it when that happens?

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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