Random Thoughts! (August 17, 2010)

Random Thought! "Four o'clock in the afternoon and I didn't feel like very much. I said to myself, 'Where are you, golden boy? Where's your famous golden touch?'" It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture.

Random Thought! Hey, look, more information on Minutes to Midnight: Twelve Essays on Watchmen! I see they changed the title of my essay for the better. (Also, want a preview of a future essay collection? Check out Tim Callahan's "When Words Collide" column this week. I will have two essays in that book. Neither of which are any good, sadly.)


Random Thought! Despite what the DC solicitations say, Joe Kelly didn't write Superman/Batman: Big Noise, Joe Casey did. And you're better off avoiding it.

Random Thought! I'm looking forward to Age of Heroes #4 for four reasons: Brendan McCarthy, Joe Casey, Nathan Fox, Zodiac.

Random Thought! Reread Dark Reign: Zodiac #1-3 this morning. Why this wasn't an ongoing series of pure awesomeness is beyond me. (No, it's not. I understand poor sales don't make for ongoings, but still.)

Random Thought! My favourite time period/publisher of comics was Wildstorm 1999-2004/2005. What an amazing output of quality. The Authority, Planetary, Wildcats volume two, Wildcats Version 3.0, Adam Warren's Gen13, Automatic Kafka, Mr. Majestic, The Monarchy, The Establishment, Sleeper, Point Blank, The Intimates, the America's Best Comics stuff... plus a lot more. Not everything was brilliant, most of it didn't sell for shit, but... I miss that stuff.


Random Thought! Michelle and I have begun watching Six Feet Under. It's okay. Not amazing, but pretty solid. We've watched the first seven episodes.

Random Thought! Read Comics in Public Day? That just seems sad to me. If you feel ashamed to read comics in public, either grow up or take a look at what comics you're reading.

Random Thought! Does anyone else have Tim Callahan Syndrome? It's the problem one has with out of continuity comics like Thor the Mighty Avenger and not buying them. Do any of you have the same problem?

Random Thought! Thor the Mighty Avenger is a mighty fine comic.

Random Thought! I'm bored.


Random Thought! So, Superman goes from Philadelphia to Detroit to Cincinnati? Try looking that route up on a map and tell me if that makes any sense... to get to Michigan, he'd have to walk through Ohio if he was coming from Pennsylvania! Unless he walked through Ontario... but that would kind of defeat the purpose of walking across America, wouldn't it?

Random Thought! Will Thanos be reset in The Thanos Imperative? That would be very interesting.

Random Thought! Clark Kent: worst journalist ever. Apparently so worthless that he's the only reporter still assigned to follow around Superman after everyone else gave up and went home. Apparently so worthless that his editor doesn't care that he hasn't written anything about Superman's walk, but does write about some old guy who used to be a security guard. It's like Perry White doesn't give a fuck about Clark Kent.

Random Thought! I was iffy about Batman and Robin post-Morrison, but that title actually tying into the current "Brightest Day" stuff seals the deal on it being dropped.

Random Thought! Then again, I'm sure DC won't mind me dropping a $2.99 book in favour of a $3.99 one...

Random Thought! Greg Burgas is a wasteful man. I get my comics from Radical in pdf form so as to not kill trees. Come into the 21st century, Greg!

Random Thought! While I enjoy the House to Astonish podcast quite a bit, it's weird when our podcasts happen at almost the same time, because we wind up covering the same topics and, this past week, we were total opposites. Listening to the podcast, I kept thinking "Huh, Tim and I both said the exact opposite thing... weird."

Random Thought! I really like I Never Liked You by Chester Brown.

Random Thought! I've decided to fold the three issues of Batman Grant Morrison wrote recently (the last of which comes out next week) into my post on his third year on the character, so expect sometime after next Wednesday. Hopefully. Since I've been so late, I figured some extra content would be nice -- and these three issues would just be distractions from the ongoing plots right now, I think. (So, the post will discuss Batman and Robin #1-12 and Batman #700-702.)

Random Thought! This week: CBR review #500. That's a lot of comics reviewed.

Random Thought! I still demand "Infinity Forever" by Jim Starlin and will continue to do so until it happens. Or I'm officially told it won't. But it has to be official. Like, with letterhead and stuff. OFFICIALLY!

No comments this week. But, I will say this: FGJ, my Avengers: The Origin #5 spoiler thing was a joke since it's just a retelling/expansion of Avengers #1. I already knew how it would end.

That's it. Thanks for reading. Later.

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