Random Thoughts! (April 6, 2010)

Random Thought! A combination of the holiday weekend and illness may make for a shorter than usual column. Sorry. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! Wrestling Fact or Fiction (someone dropped out, so I filled in!). Wrestling 4Rs including my write-up of Impact (no one trashed me in the comments!). High Road/Low Road on WrestleMania XXVI (something a little different...). Wrestler of the Week (year six begins!). Art Discussion Month 2010 concluded (complete archives and some thoughts after the fact). The Splash Page Solocast episode 1.Tim (Tim talks about comics alone). The Splash Page Solocast episode 1.Chad (I talk about comics alone).

Random Thought! Because of Marvel PDFs for review all featuring the same ad this week, I know officially who one of the Secret Avengers is. It's who everyone thought it would be.

Random Thought! So... will All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #10 be collected with Dark Knight: The Boy Wonder? Because, I've got to say, the way it worked out with only one issue uncollected before starting a semi-separate mini is pretty shitty for anyone buying the series in trades/hardcovers.

Random Thought! I really, really appreciated the enthusiastic feedback to my asking what books people would like to see me do reread reviews on last week. Knowing that people want to read them makes me much more likely to write them. Currently rereading Earth X since it was the top vote-getter.

Random Thought! After not hitting the shop last week for the three books I had, this week is nice and big. With any luck, the shop will also have a copy of All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #10... which I want 'just in case.'

Random Thought! On Twitter last week, Sandy Bilus of I Love Rob Liefeld asked, if we were an editor and could, somehow, put any creators on any title, what creators and book would we create? My answer was Joe Casey and Mike Allred on Young Avengers.

Random Thought! In my world, Spider Jerusalem won that character tournament with a little weapon called the bowel disruptor. Say what you will about Batman, but he'd never see that coming.

Random Thought! Then again, I imagine part of training to be the Bat is to be entirely unself-conscious about shitting oneself. Spider-Man would freak the fuck out, but I could see Batman barely noticing.

Random Thought! Wow, Moon Knight really is a Batman rip-off now, isn't he?

Random Thought! Today's piece of news: An X-Man dies in X-Force #26! Six months from today's piece of news: An X-Man returns in "Necrosha II!"

Random Thought! Oddly, the idea of the Teen Titans being a gang of violent thugs that curbstomp bad guys appeals to me. I won't buy the comic, of course, but the idea appeals to me.

Random Thought! Boondocks!

Random Thought! Baseball season has begun. Chad is happy.

Random Thought! So... is Deadman called Aliveman now?

Random Thought! In Uncanny X-Men #522, was I the only bothered when Reed Richards chastised Cyclops for their attempt to hide the giant bullet, saying that, next time, all they need to do is ask permission? Fuck off, Reed Richards, you don't own space. Asshole.

Random Thought! I won a free advance copy of Watch by Robert J. Sawyer from Penguin Books Canada and it arrived last week. It's the second part of a trilogy. Part of me thinks this is just an attempt to get me to buy the first and third parts... (I'm just being snarky for the fun of it there. I love online contests and am always grateful when I win free stuff. This is the third book I've won online.)

Random Thought! How have Luke Cage and/or Iron Fist not gotten a black and white anthology one-shot yet?

Random Thought! Man, was Professor X a failure or what? When he was running things, the mission was to peacefully co-exist with humanity. What does he pass on to Cyclops? The mission to keep the race alive. Period. Does this mean Magneto was right?


Random Comments! Since most of last week's comments were about reread reviews votes or wrestling, I'm not doing the comments this week. Both of those topics are addressed in my solocast.

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