Random Thoughts! (April 26, 2011)

Random Thought! Good mail day. But, then again, after the long weekend, it should be! It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

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Random Thought! I bought two comics last week. Would have gotten two more, but my shop didn't have any rack copies of Wolverine #8 and Dark Horse Presents #1 when I went in on Thursday. I did put in an order for the Wolverine issue since I have the first two parts of the current storyarc. I've been digging it.

Random Thought! Thanos in Avengers #12: horrible depicition because Dr. Strange sucks at impersonating Thanos or because Bendis just can't write the character?

Random Thought! Steve Rogers joining the Illuminati is an oddly clever moment. It accomplishes a lot. Firstly, it officially ends all of the bad feelings between Steve and Tony Stark, I think. I know Avengers Prime was supposed to do that, but this seems like the actual conclusion to the rift that happened during Civil War. Secondly, it signals the end of the overt 'Tony Stark is a douchebag' era. Mostly because of my first point. Thirdly, it puts Steve further on that path of the shadier aspects of his role within the Marvel Universe. For the past few years, he's been more willing to get away from that bright and shiny role that he inhabited for so many years. Joining the Illuminati is another stage of that.

Random Thought! The line in the latest chapter of "The Oral History of the Avengers" about Count Nefaria not showing his true potential makes me think Nefaria will get a big story sometime in the future. He's shown up in Bendis's tenure on the titles, but not as the big bad guy.

Random Thought! The Hood's cynicism about what any of the heroes would do to get their powers back? Dead on.

Random Thought! John Constantine in the DCU doesn't bother me one bit. Finally, DC figures out that it's possible to have more than one version of the same character. Now, obviously, if this affected Hellblazer, my feelings would be different. But, since it's really just adding a DCU version of the character, I see no problem.

Random Thought! Of course, now people will wonder why DC didn't go forward with that new Vertigo Swamp Thing series by China Miéville since they could have had that and him appearing in the DCU. There are two answers, as I can see it: 1) Swamp Thing is a 'super' character and that's different. 2) John Constantine has carried his own book for almost three hundred issues, while Swamp Thing has had his book cancelled how many times? Constantine can be the solo lead, Swamp Thing is a supporting character that sometimes gets a low-selling series. Now, if I thought that the reason DC pulled the book was the second one, I'd nod along and say that that makes sense, but it's probably the first one... which is pretty fucking stupid.

Random Thought! Elijah Snow is the 20th century's superhero. He saves things. Hahahahahaha.

Random Thought! Okay, the Marshal Law material in Toxic!... was that never collected or did it become Kingdom of the Blind, The Hateful Dead, or some other graphic novel? Anyone know?

Random Thought! Finally, Queens of the Stone Age arrived. Loving it. Then again, I recognise a lot of songs from later live stuff like Over the Years and Through the Woods and the "Live in Amsterdam" bonus disc that came with the 'Canadian Tour' special edition of Era Vulgaris.

Random Thought! The idea of John Cena getting drafted to Smackdown and, then, back to Raw was cute. During the main event last night, I said to Michelle that I thought they might do that. Because, come on, having both Cena and Randy Orton move to Smackdown would be... stupid.

Random Thought! Something surprising: Savage Dragon/Marshal Law is in black and white.

Random Thought! On Sunday night, for no reason other than we felt like it, Michelle and I got Slurpees from 7-Eleven in those Thor cups for the upcoming movie. I, of course, went with the Thor cup. Michelle went for the Destroyer. After examining the other two cups, Loki and Sif, she settled on the Destroyer because of his cool eye beam blast. Her second choice was Loki -- who she thought looked like one of the Elf good guys from The Lord of the Rings.

Random Thought! The visual gag of the Black Widow in Deadpool MAX #7 made me laugh.

Random Thought! You know what's always fun? When you order some comics from someone on eBay and, when your package arrives, you discover that they threw in one or two random comics just because. My Marshal Law package arrived and, along with the books I ordered, I also got a copy of Strontium Dog #2 (the 1985/86 Eagle 'mutie series'). Hey, Alan Grant and Carlos Ezquerra... this could be an entertaining little comic.

Random Thought! Seeing the new adaptation of Jane Eyre tonight with Michelle. Definitely her movie choice and not mine, but it could be good. I was supposed to read the book in my first year of university and never did. That was kind of the way I went through unversity English classes: picking and choosing what to actually read. But, the lecture made it seem interesting enough.

Random Thought! Goddamn, Machete is a fun, funny movie. I hope they do make Machete Kills and Machete Kills Again.

Random Thought! It's hard to believe, watching the boardroom scenes on Celebrity Apprentice, that Donald Trump is a success at anything. Worse, that people would vote for this guy for president. A lot of the time even his kids seem to have a "What the fuck are you thinking/talking about?" look on their faces.

Random Thought! Why, yes, you CAN get Secret Avengers #12 and Secret Avengers #12.1 this week!

Random Thought! Sometimes, walking in the rain is nice. Yesterday was one of those times.


Random Comments! Speak, damn you! SPEAK!

Bill Reed said: Currently reading through the third trade of The Unwritten. I also keep wavering on whether I want to stick with the series or not. At first I was all “Well I’m getting bored with this” and then Carey will pull out a nice twist and I reconsider my position.

Yeah, pretty much. That's what keeps happening with me. It will be a slow slide in quality until I don't think I can stick with this anymore and, then, BAM! Awesome issue that has me right back. I think what I've decided is to escape that cycle by basically admitting that I'm in it for the long haul now. This comic will be purchased by me every single month.

Christopher said: Are you one of those people, like myself, who obsessively organizes their bookshelves? I can’t just put like books together, everything has to be cohesive, from the width of the spine to the height of the book, similar trade dress, all of that. Marvel’s pretty good about giving books a pretty uniform look and trade dress for the spines and not having a bunch of different sizes to their books, so it’s pretty easy to organize their stuff. But a lot of independent books are so idosyncratic in their design it can take a lot of work to get them shelved in a manner that I’m happy with. As much as I love Chris Ware and Acme, I just can not order those books by issue number, they vary way too much and it looks like a mess on the shelf.

No, I'm just good at maximising space. So, the shelves I have are filled without any room to spare. That means putting in a new book means taking one out and possibly rethinking the layout of the whole shelf.

Tom Fitzpatrick said: I’m also rooting for a He said/She said Random Thoughts competition between you and Kelly, the winner to be voted by the readers. Make it so, weekly/bi-weekly/ or monthly.


schmakt said: Love The Kills. Don’t particularly care for The Dead Weather. Love The Kills. Although I do think that Midnight Boom is much better than No Wow.

Midnight Boom is definitely their best album. That one just clicks from beginning to end, partly because of the ordering of the tracks. Blood Pressure kind of falls down for me because it doesn't have the same flow. Also, "Last Goodbye" should be the final song. Not just because of the title, but because it SOUNDS like the last song and where the album should end. There are a couple of other albums I have that suffer in the same way. The Black and White Album by the Hives feels like it should end with "Square One Here I Come, while You Could Have it So Much Better by Franz Ferdinand feels like it should end with the title track. The songs that come after just feel wrong.

Jazzbo said: FGJ – sellers that only leave feedback after they’ve received positive feedback drive me crazy. As a buyer, if I’ve paid and sent my shipping address in a timely fashion after the auction ended, I should get positive feedback. Doesn’t matter whether I think you did a good job. When I sell stuff, I always leave people positive feedback (assuming they deserve it) as soon as I’m paid. I refuse to leave feedback on sellers that wait. My feedback rating would easily be 20 to 30 higher if I went along with it, but I hate it so much I just can’t do it.

Agreed. Then again, I don't really care that much about my rating. I just buy things, so my rating doesn't matter too much.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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