Random Thoughts! (April 20, 2010)

Random Thought! I miss Frank Miller Week. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! Wrestling 4Rs including my write-up on TNA Impact (whatever). High Road/Low Road on Rob Van Dam in TNA (heheheheh... high road). Roundtable PPV Preview of TNA Lockdown (I did alright in my predictions, especially the Knockouts match -- Madison Rayne, motherfuckers! Madison Rayne!). Wrestler of the Week (the All American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American American World Heavyweight Champion). Quickie Reviews (Apr 14 2010) (some good comics there). Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #1-6 review for Trouble with Comics (I explain why I bought the entire series). Booze, Broads, & Bullets: Frank Miller Week, a cross-blog thing involving many people far more talented than I (it concluded, including my discussion of every Sin City book). The Splash Page Podcast episodes 12.1 and 12.2 (new theme music!). The Reread Reviews -- Earth X (because YOU demanded it!).

Random Thought! Okay, last week I mentioned that I would be at the book launch of Writing Without Direction: Ten and a Half Short Stories by Canadian Authors Under Thirty at The Rivoli (332 Queen Street West) in Toronto on April 28... well, sadly, that isn't going to happen. Some things came up and I won't be able to make it. I still recommend that anyone in the Toronto area go check it out. It begins at 8 pm with some of the authors whose work is in the book doing readings at 8:30. Go, hear some fiction from some young Canadian writers, maybe pick up a copy, and check out my story "Are Ya Havin' Fun."

Random Thought! Last night, I dreamt that the volcano ash that's disrupting travel in Europe and has delayed books in the UK and elsewhere this week somehow delayed comics in North America, too. Except no one told anyone and everyone went to their shops anyway. Man, I was pissed off. But, that dream was unrealistic because my shop has called me before if there were going to be any delays with comics arriving -- which I still think is really nice.

Random Thought! Another nice thing? Last Thursday night, there was a free screening of Kick-Ass in town and the shop was giving out two-person passes to regular customers. I couldn't make it, but it was still nice. (And I wasn't too torn up about missing the movie since I wasn't planning to see it anyway. No harm done.)

Random Thought! Go check out the trailer for the upcoming Warren Ellis documentary Captured Ghosts. It should be out next year and I did some work on it, helping to prepare questions/topics for the interview with Ellis. I am, apparently an 'Ellis scholar.' Weird fucking thing to be.

Random Thought! Five announcements from C2E2 that stood out to me, all Marvel-related save one from Image. Then again, DC doesn't seem to do convention announcements, which has some logic it to it. Why announce something at the same time as everyone else when waiting for a quiet day online can make it the big news of the day all by itself?

Random Thought! The first. It being confirmed what everyone paying attention already knew: Casanova at Icon in colour, two issues of the original series packaged together. Knowing it already doesn't make it any less awesome.

Random Thought! The second. Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's Scarlet book from Icon. Again, not a big surprise, but still something I'll be looking forward to. The 'smashing the fourth wall' comment by Bendis has me really intrigued since I'm a sucker for metafiction.

Random Thought! The third. Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee on Thor: The Mighty Avenger. I'm a big Thor fan, have enjoyed everything I've seen Langridge do, and really dig Samnee's art. Seems like a winner to me.

Random Thought! The fourth. Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet by Brian Clevinger and Brian Churilla. A rewriting/reimagining of the original Infinity Gauntlet story taking the core idea and running with it. I'm glad it's not just a simplification for kids and that Clevinger is doing his own version of it, not rereading the original. I'm interested to see the results.

Random Thought! The fifth. Nick Spencer's Morning Glories from Image. I've been enjoying everything I've seen by Spencer quite a bit and this looks like it will be insane. He's really showing himself to be a skilled writer that people should be keeping their eyes on.

Random Thought! Some of the other news seems... interesting. Various new #1s for the X-books... and... yeah, nothing else stands out. Marvel definitely owned the convention news-wise.

Random Thought! The Great Ten is now a nine-issue mini ending in July. The only character not to get the spotlight will be the Socialist Red Guardsman who is, apparently, to be confronted in the final issue. Maybe a death? Maybe a betrayal? The sales on the book have been poor, but it would be cool if it was always planned to be nine issues with that twist of a member dying and leaving his/her story untold as a result. It's been a decent book so far. Not a must read, but enjoyable enough.

Random Thought! I have so many comics I want to reread. That's great.

Random Thought! The Jays seem to have begun their collapse a little earlier than usual... maybe that will mean the late-season comeback will happen earlier, too? Please?

Random Thought! The Sin City books in order of preference, favourite to least favourite: That Yellow Bastard, The Hard Goodbye, The Big Fat Kill, Family Values, A Dame to Kill For, Hell and Back, and Booze, Broads, & Bullets. All worth getting. I'd suggest Family Values for anyone that hasn't read any because it's the cheapest and it's a fun story that gives a good idea of what Sin City is like.

Random Thought! The book I'm looking forward to most tomorrow? Do Anything volume 1, collecting the columns Warren Ellis did for Bleeding Cool. Sure, you can read them online, but I did that weekly and am looking forward to sitting down with the book and reading it straight through. It will go nicely with my copies of From the Desk of Warren Ellis volume 1 (still need volume 2 sadly), Bad Signal vols. 1 & 2, and Come in Alone. All must-haves/must-reads. I really love Ellis's writing about comics. It's something I wish more creators would do as openly as he does.

Random Thought! As far as actual comics go, I'd say I'm looking forward to Ultimate Comics Avengers #6 the most. Been digging this story and am looking forward to how it ends.

Random Thought! Panel four is my 'What the fuck?' panel of the week.

Random Thought! This week's discussion topic is 'Silver Age Superman or Modern Age Batman: Bigger asshole?'

Random Thought! I'm reviewing Captain America: Who Won't Wield the Shield #1 for CBR this week and my original review won't be posted there. It's a different sort of thing that I knew would be rejected, but check it out tomorrow morning over at GraphiContent. Not sure if it's funny or not, but Augie dug it and Tim's only comment was "It's too early to go insane. You haven't written enough reviews yet." Regular CBR review will up tonight, tomorrow, Thursday... at some point in the next few days. I will say that I liked the issue.


Random Comments! You people feel the need to respond to these posts, so I'm going to turn it around on you and respond to some of your comments. There. How do you like it? Huh?

tbob said: Your fucking post needs more fucking uses of the word fuck. It's only half as fucking cool and fucking edgy as it fucking could be. I mean really -- what the fucking fuck?

I included this to increase the number of fucks in this column in case there weren't enough to be as edgy as it could be. Thanks, tbob!

Daryll B said: My thing about the Eisners is just like the Grammys and The Oscars...how can I take them seriously when judges come right out and say biases right away. I am more mainstream of a reader than indie...but when I hear "O mainstream is mostly cwap or I won't read anything from that" why should I care?

Everyone has biases. I'd prefer people state them outright rather than pretending they're not there.

Jeff Holland said: Ahem: Hawkman. Repair that, brother. Even when they REPAIR it, then they go ahead and RE-repair it so it's all a confusing mess again!

Hawkman is only a problem if you want to somehow keep everything. If you just forget 3/4s of his crap, making him interesting and readable is easy.

funkygreenjerusalem said: He's one hypocritical cunt. that's right, I said cunt.

I included this in case fuck wasn't strong enough for some of you.

Mario said: One of these days i'll attempt to read your wrestling random thought and try to make sense of it. Who knows, maybe it's good.

What wrestling random thought? There's my link thought that kicks the post off each week, which contains links to my various writings from the week, including my wrestling stuff, but also my comics stuff (save my CBR reviews). It's a link-dump for those that want to know where to read what I've written the past week.

BrianHouston said: "Juan Jose Ryp is drawing Vengeance of the Moon Knight? Fuck me, I may have to pick that issue up." -What?! For Real?! Best news all year.

No, Juan Jose Ryp on a well-written comic would be better news. And I'm just excited about seeing more of his art, I don't care that it's for Marvel instead of Avatar.

Mary Warner said: Why can't you just sit outside on the ground to read? That's what I do. (If it's not too windy.)

I don't like sitting on the ground.

I actually think 'Ashes To Ashes' is much better than 'Space Oddity', which is horribly overrated. And although 'Destroyer' mentions 'a girl called Lola', it's really more of a remake of 'All Day And All Night'. (Although I was just the right age that I heard 'Destroyer' first. In fact, when I first heard 'All Day And All Night' I was upset that somebody was ripping off the Kinks. Actually, I thought the same thing the first time I heard 'Hello, I Love You', except that in that case I was correct.)

You're right, I should have mentioned "All Day and All Night" since "Destroyer" is a sequel to both it and "Lola." That's one of the clever bits about it that I like.

Could you please write about the Kinks in this column more often? Is 'Village Green Preservation Society' the greatest album ever recorded, or is 'Arthur'? (Actually, if I really had to select one, I would probably go with 'Revolver', but since everyone already expects the Beatles to win, the real contest is for the greatest non-Beatles album, so that makes it a competition between 'Village Green' and 'Arthur', right?)

The only Kinks I have, sadly, is the two-disc greatest hits 1970-1986 set that has a bonus DVD. It's really a repackaging of Celluloid Heroes and Come Dancing with the Kinks (with One for the Road as the DVD). I've always meant to get more, but money issues has prevented that.

So has that 'Second Coming' thing started already? I get two series that are supposed to be involved, but it hasn't started in the most recent issues I've got. I don't even know what it's supposed to be about.

Part four is this week's issue of X-Men Legacy. So far, it began three weeks ago in X-Men: Second Coming #1, then Uncanny X-Men #523, and New Mutants #12.

Ninjazilla said: Dksa to dkr is new coke to coke

Um, no.

That's it. Thanks for reading. Later.

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