Random Thoughts! (April 19, 2011)

Random Thought! Waiting for packages sucks. Also, because of tracking numbers, you can see just how slow the post office and package delivery companies are. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought!GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture. The Splash Page Podcast for some awesome comics discussion. (Though, no podcast this past week because of Tim. No podcast this week because of me.)

Random Thought! The Blue Jays are beginning to break my heart again. (And that call on Friday night regarding Lind's home run was fucked up.)

Random Thought! Well, Doc Savage gets dropped when I go to my comic shop this week.

Random Thought! And my package arrived. An order from Amazon.ca for Blood Pressure by the Kills, Marshal Law: Origins by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill (collects two novellas with a lot of cool black and white illustrations by O'Neill), and Absolute Planetary vol. 2. Hell yes.

Random Thought! Speaking of Amazon.ca orders... yesterday, I placed my pre-order for 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. It doesn't come out until October 26, but it's nice to know my copy is guaranteed. It's a bit more expensive for Canadians than Americans, but it does come in above the $25 minimum for free shipping, so I'm okay with that. Plus, the price should go down before it ships and Amazon charges you the lowest price for pre-orders, so, hopefully, it will drop a bit -- and, should it go below $25, I'll still get free shipping, because it was available when I placed my order. But, whatever: SIX MONTHS AND SIX DAYS UNTIL 1Q84, PEOPLE!

Random Thought! Not getting Marijuanaman. Sorry, but a 48-page graphic novel for $25 is just a little outside of what I call reasonable. I might have picked it up if my shop had ordered a rack copy, but... I'll just wait for a paperback edition or the inevitable on sale copy from somewhere.

Random Thought! Didn't get the new issue of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents last week, because my shop got shorted. This week, though.

Random Thought! Next week: Secret Avengers #12 and #12.1... nicely done, Marvel.

Random Thought! I don't know, when I listen to "We are the Dead," I hear it more as DIT DIT DIT DAH DAH DAH DIT DAH. How about you?

Random Thought! WITZKE! BROTHERS!

Random Thought! I thoroughly enjoyed Journey into Mystery #622 and am amused by the typo on the cover.

Random Thought! I've watched the first two discs of Edge's Decade of Decadence DVD set and have been enjoying it quite a bit. It's amazing how much of his character was always there. The look, many of the mannerisms... The one thought that always stands out when I see Edge onscreen with a woman is "God, I hope he doesn't kiss like that in real life." I'm looking foward to whatever the DVD set that's now looking like a November release. I hope they do a full documentary on his career.

Random Thought! So far, Blood Pressure sounds like the Kills... which is good. I got into the band back when they released No Wow and we got a review copy at my university paper. I liked their name and had that gut feeling that the disc would be worth listening to. It was. What I like is how the band still sounds unique from the Dead Weather. (And "Wild Charms" just came on... this is a little different...)

Random Thought! Seriously, with all of their bands, I'm surprised that we have gotten a Josh Homme/Jack White project yet.

Random Thought! Screw an omnibus, I want Absolute Marshal Law now that DC has the rights. If Identity Crisis gets one, not doing one for Marshal Law just seems criminal...

Random Thought! I like the new costume for Ultimate Spider-Man.

Random Thought! The final page of Secret Warriors #26 is just damn funny.

Random Thought! Hey, Greg, read Doc Savage #6-12 for that cool art you're looking for in mainstream comics. Pages 18-19 of issue 11 are the two best pages I've seen all year. Nic Klein brought it.

Random Thought! Greg has finally walked away from The Unwritten, but I'm sticking with it. Someone has to.

Random Thought! Looking at my bookshelf, I'm wondering what I'll take out to make room for Absolute Planetary vol. 2. Everything is so perfectly in its place on that shelf... wow, this is such a stupid 'problem' to have, isn't it?

Random Thought! A tip for people selling things on eBay: when someone e-mails to ask for a shipping estimate, responding is a good way to get them to actually give you money. Last week, I requested shipping estimates from two different sellers. One got back to me within fifteen minutes. The other still hasn't (and I asked last Tuesday). Guess which one got my money.


Random Comments! Blah blah blah...

Seanathan said: The Dears ARE awesome. I saw them at the Troubadour last month.

Niiiiiiiiiice. I haven't had the chance to see them live yet. I would love to, though.

Brian Cronin said: The latest BNL album wasn’t awful, but I couldn’t help but constantly compare it to the efforts with Page, especially since a lot of the problems (although certainly not all of them) seemed to come from the other guys wanting more involvement in the songs, and they just aren’t as good as Page.

I think Kevin Hearn can more than hold his own when compared to Page, but his style is very different. Ed Robertson, though... I think he worked well with Page, especially when Page would do a lot more work on his own or with someone like Stephen Duffy, taking the pressure off Robertson to pretty much do half of the songwriting duties. It was when the band shifted to primarily Page/Robertson co-written songs that things started to slide for me.

Another Ian said: All this Queens of the Stone Age talk and I never see anyone ever mention Eagles of Death Metal…Josh Homme’s influence can be felt in both bands.

Yeah, I know, what with him being the drummer for Eagles of Death Metal. Haven't mentioned them really, because I've been listening to Queens of the Stone Age. Same goes for adebisi pointing out Them Crooked Vultures. Love that album (probably my favourite album of 2009) -- love the Eagles of Death Metal.

The Mutt said: Let’s hope the WWE has sense enough to keep him as a manager or a heel announcer. He could be the next Bobby Heenan.

That would be good. But, hey, maybe he doesn't want to, at least at first. I imagine he'll probably take some time off and get used to the idea of not being a wrestler anymore before returning to the WWE in a non-wrestling capacity.

Dan said: What did you think of Jock’s art in Pandemonium? They claimed it was a completely different style, but I didn’t notice that much…

It didn't look that different from his work that I've seen. But, I've yet to read The Losers, so I'm missing out on a big reference point when it comes to his art.

Travis Pelkie said: And is that bit about the superhero penises a reference to Butcher Baker?

It's a reference to Marshal Law #1.

Did you get more than just the first 6 issues of Marshal Law, or what? Even though there’s a list in the back of the 2 part crossover with Savage Dragon, I STILL think I’m missing some.

I actually placed an order last week to get the rest of the Marshal Law comics I'm missing, including the Savage Dragon crossover. Plus, the copy of Marshal Law: Origins, which arrived today as noted above.

funkygreenjerusalem said: Did you get the Blood Lines Vertigo Resurrected 100 page spectacular thingy, by Delano and Bond? That was some good fun.

A week after it first came out because I'd only mentioned wanting it the week before it shipped. Read it this weekend at work and enjoyed it quite a bit. 'Good fun' sums it up nicely.

Bruce Kim said: So does Ultimate Captain America work well as a satire?

Good fucking question.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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