Random Thoughts! (April 17, 2012)

Random Thought! If DC does a "Death of Superman" story for the 'New 52,' part of me hopes it happens because he has sex with Wonder Woman. It's Random Thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture. 411mania for wrestling reviews and the occasional CD review.

Random Thought! I don't know what bugs me more: that "The Oral History of the Avengers" got cut off before it even reached issue 200 or that the collection is such a slapped together book that you wonder if anyone took a look at it before it went to press.

Random Thought! Glad to see the rest of the Counter X X-Force is getting collecting. Hopefully, X-Man an Generation X will follow suit.

Random Thought! One of the things that bugs me about Before Watchmen, honestly, is how poor DC and those involved have been at responding to the 'Alan Moore issue.' Considering how fucking obvious the blowback to this was, how were they not better prepared to address said blowback? I do know that no answer will satisfy some against the project, but they shouldn't make people curious about the project rethink going anywhere near it every time they open their mouths...

Random Thought! I spent far too much time on Saturday thinking about how I would have altered American Reunion so it actually worked on the whole. The best parts of that movie were where they were dealing with the issues brought up by the reunion, not the shit that felt like retreads of the old movies. Oddly, something that bugged me was ignoring whatever 'progress' Stifler made in the third movie in favour of having him be the same cartoonish idiot from the first movie. Ah well...

Random Thought! Well, I bought Avenging Spider-Man #6 and will buy Punisher this week. I do love how a story in Daredevil became bigger and cost me more money for comics (well, the one I've read so far) that seem to spend more time catching up readers of that title on what's happening than telling the story...

Random Thought! I like the idea of awards not being given out if those deciding don't think anything deserves it.

Random Thought! So far, Michelle and I have watched all five seasons of The Wire, season three of Breaking Bad, and the first four seasons of Mad Men this year. Not too bad for three-and-a-half months. (And that's just what we watched together on DVD...)

Random Thought! The scene I want to see: Cyclops all pissed off until he mutters "No more Avengers" and BAM! shield to the face!

Random Thought! "Strung out like some Christmas lights..." is my favourite simile.

Random Thought! I finished watching The Summer of Punk DVD yesterday. Very enjoyable. My only complaint (and it is the minor sort that doesn't mean anything really) is that we couldn't get Punk coming out to "Cult of Personality." It's obvious why, but that would have been great. The matches are great and I love how it tells a complete story. More wrestling DVDs like this please.

Random Thought! I don't know how Batman: Odyssey will end, but I imagine it will blow my mind.

Random Thought! Last week, I acidentally bought a second print copy of Prophet #22 thinking that the new issue came out a week early somehow (it's happened with non-Marvel/DC books before). Oops.

Random Thought! What do people want out of tie-in comics to events? It's a weird comic -- it has to satisfy a number of masters and it's interesting to think about what's required.

Random Thought! I know that, somewhere, Jason Aaron is celebrating that Scalped was finally my top book of the year in 2011 after it nearly making it... well, almost every other year.

Random Thought! I love how the Red Hulk's pre-fight speech involves telling people to not fight above their power level and what does AVX: VS #2 have? Spider-Man vs. Colossus. I'm beginning to think that Peter Parker just isn't too bright.

Random Thought! 4.2... christ.

Random Thought! Thinking about "The Oral History of the Avengers," I wish it were more of a success so we could see other oral histories. The tough decision is between using the current writer of the title/characters, a famous one, or someone who's never really had a run but could do a good job on that sort of project. I think Chris Claremont doing the X-Men one is obvious. But, Fantastic Four? Spider-Man? Superman? Batman? Who would you pick for those?

Random Thought! Because someone brought it up in the comments section, if I were any Captain America, I'd be the one frozen in the ocean so I could get some fucking sleep.

Random Thought! The new Edge DVD is pretty good. If you're a fan of him, I'd recommend it. It occurred me that this week's upcoming Raw in Detroit will be my first live WWE show where Edge won't be there. Weird.

Random Thought! There's a good chance I'll give Hawkeye a try, yes. No chance on Gambit, though.


Random Joe Casey Question! Where did Superman's pacifism come from? Was there any blowback from DC -- hell, did they even notice that you had Superman declare himself a pacifist when it happened?

Random Joe Casey Answer! Nah. There are certain editors you work with where you end up playing that game of, basically, writing over their heads... and for me, that was never more true than my last year on Superman. On those big IP’s, you obviously can’t have Superman sucking cock or bending Lois over a chair to give the ol’ ball and chain what-for (back when they were happily married, y’know), but if your ideas go into wilder, Mort Weisinger/psycho-dramatic areas, it gets more difficult for an average, overworked editor to recognize the subversion (if you can call his pacifism “subversion”), even though it’s right there in front of their face. And, on top of that, no one really gave two shits about Superman comicbooks back in, what was it, 2003...? Ah, the good ol’ days...


Random Comments! The comments I get here are almost the exact opposite of what I get over at 411mania for my Raw reviews. Is that because comics fans are better than wrestling fans? Probably not...

Jeremy said: You wanted Cena to win? In Miami!? Screw that, man! It’s not like Cena needed the rub from the Rock anyway, the man is so over they have to keep bringing in people who’s last Wrestlemania was in 2005 to challenge him. Can’t wait for next year’s Goldberg/Cena feud. Hope he’s not all fat like Lesnar. “Welp, here come’s the lard, Cole!”

You put Cena over the Rock for the same reason you put the Rock over Hogan... At least, that's how I see it. Nothing to do with 'over,' it has to do with showing respect to your top guy.

Layne said: Huhn, I’ve been doing the same thing with glamourpuss, starting somewhere around the Margaret Mitchell digression; I had already given up on the satire bits, so when the Raymond/Drake half seemed to be going nowhere fast, I sort of tuned out and let the issues pile up.

I liked the satire bits, too. They didn't always work, but did enough for me to stick with them. But, the historical stuff is just too hard to keep track of every two months ten pages at a time. Too many small details to remember. We'll see how it goes when I eventually do a big read of the entire series.

Tom Fitzpatrick said: I worked 35 hours every week.

So do I... just not in a clumped together stretch like that. Not so much the number of hours worked, more the time in which they were worked.

Isn’t Glamourpuss a 24-issue limited series? Haven’t read any of it. Any good?

Issue 24 just came out, so, no, it's not a 24-issue limited series. I haven't read anything from Sim on how long it's supposed to run. And I enjoyed it quite a bit when I was reading new issues. It made my top ten comics of 2008 (ahead of Morrison's Batman even!).

BTW, what do you think of the artist on Swamp Thing leaving at end of # 12, Yanick Paquette?

Well, Paquette explained the art schedule for the title later in the comments section. My view is: I dropped the title last month, so who draws it doesn't really matter to me.

DrewT said: The Hip are pretty great live. You’ll have a blast.

No doubt.

P. Boz said: I’d say I’m pulling for the Jays, but that’s kind of a lie. Although, if the Jays and Rays were to shut Boston and New York out, I wouldn’t complain. I’m about to hit my first Tigers game tomorrow and I’m all geeked about it.

Comerica Park is absolutely gorgeous. The Jays don't come to Detroit until August and that's it. That seems like a crime. We may try to take in a few non-Jays games in Detroit, because we really like the park. And, compared to the Rogers Centre, the food is cheap as hell.

profDEADPOOL said: You should get Avengers Academy since it is one of the best books marvel is publishing. Do it. Now.

I've read a few issues here and there; none convinced me that I should buy it monthly. Maybe I'll pick up the Avengers vs. X-Men tie-in issues. I still haven't decided on that completely.

BitBiteOuch said: I haven’t heard of that Have Not Been The Same, but I hope theres a healthy chapter on the Rheostatics.

They seem to be the focus of a chapter (or at least one of the central bands in a chapter), but have also figured into what I've read so far as one of the more 'important' bands of the period.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.

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