Random Thoughts! (April 13, 2010)

Random Thought! I wish I lived in a house with a deck, so I could read outside. It's random thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! Wrestling 4Rs including my write-up of TNA Impact (Knockouts Lockbox Showdown!). High Road/Low Road on Jack Swagger as World Heavyweight Champion (for a change, I do the High Roads and Sat takes the Low Road...). Wrestler of the Week (I'm really surprised MsChif lost her title...). Quickie Reviews (Apr 7 2010) (lots of comics!). The Splash Page Podcast episodes 11.1 and 11.2 (wherein we call dumb and lazy people dumb and lazy). Booze, Broads & Bullets Week (cross-blog fun on the works of Frank Miller). The Status Quo Abides, but What about the Auteur? (your precious characters will be fine, stop worrying...).

Random Thought! I planned (and still half plan) to do a reread review on Earth X this upcoming Sunday, but Booze, Broads & Bullets Week has pushed that back. But, hey, seven days of Frank Miller's Sin City trumps one of Earth X, right?

Random Thought! One thing that annoyed me about the Eisner's that I didn't mention in the podcast was the idea of 'fairness' or 'balance' in the nominations. Who gives a fuck? Awards are meant to be elite. If the five best single comic book issues were a series of one-off issues of the one title by the same creative team, what good argument is there for not giving those five issues the nominations? Other than a sense that that's not 'fair' or 'diverse'...? Awards aren't meant to be nice or fair or promote diversity... they're meant to reward quality. Now, what constitutes quality is a whole other debate...

Random Thought! I do love the designs Chip Kidd did on these Sin City books. I mentioned the spine picture before, but the books themselves are just great looking.

Random Thought! As part of my prep for Booze, Broads & Bullets Week, I skimmed through Eisner/Miller, the book-long conversation between the two greats, and, man, I need to sit down and reread that sucker. I remember waiting for it to come out for a good year and a half and, then, ploughing through it the afternoon I got it. This time, I just skimmed through Miller's statements for anything I could use (found some stuff, but have mostly forgotten to include it/ignore it just because). Definitely needs a reread -- and it's not a tough or long read. Very breezy.

Random Thought! The Jays have started the season strong... but that's what they always do. Lots of big hitting, lackluster pitching/defence, and the team crashes when the hitting goes cold. And I fall for it every year. Dammit.

Random Thought! The idea of 'ruining' a character just makes me laugh. They're fictional! It takes next to nothing to repair any damage! Want to know how easy? "Wow, what a crazy dream..." That fucking easy.

Random Thought! The Dark Knight Strikes Again is to The Dark Knight Returns as "Ashes to Ashes" is to "Space Oddity" and "Destroyer" is to "Lola." Except not really at all. Hooooooooooooo-ha!

Random Thought! The girlfriend and I have started watching The Sopranos having borrowed the DVDs from my mom. I watched the first two seasons for sure and stopped watching sometime in the third or fourth season, I believe. Wondering how the whole series will hold up when viewed as a whole like this. What I'm struck by is how funny it is.

Random Thought! I hope we'll get a chance to see the completed pages of "Holy Terror, Batman!" if the project has been shelved. I was looking forward to that.

Random Thought! They really should have called Hulked Out Heroes #1 "Hulkpool's Wacky Adventures in Time Travel" #1, because that's what it is.

Random Thought! With Paul Cornell and J. Michael Straczynski on the Superman titles, I'll actually be checking out both... the fuck?

Random Thought! My ass is a little sore from sitting on the arm of the couch on Sunday night to play the drums on Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

Random Thought! Last week, I won a copy of Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn, the deluxe hardcover, last Friday via the Source's twitter contest. Winning stuff online? Awesome. It also reminded me that, after Batman and Robin #12 comes out, I need to do a blog post on Morrison's third year of Batman.

Random Thought! "I wish there was 80 seconds in a minute and 90 minutes in an hour, 60 hours in a day, 500 days in a year..." Danko Jones, "We Sweat Blood"

Random Thought! The second best ending for "Second Coming" after Hope turns out to be 'Jesus' (child of god) is Hope is evil and Bishop was right. The actual ending will, no doubt, be worse than both of those. Sad.

Random Thought! Juan Jose Ryp is drawing Vengeance of the Moon Knight? Fuck me, I may have to pick that issue up.

Random Thought! Goddamn, That Yellow Bastard has some gorgeous fucking pages...

Random Thought! Anyone in the Toronto area, I will be at The Rivoli (332 Queen Street West) on April 28 as part of the book launch party for Writing Without Direction: Ten and a Half Short Stories by Canadian Authors Under Thirty. I have a short story, "Are Ya Havin' Fun," in the collection and will be reading a portion of it along with some of the other authors in the book. It starts around 8 pm with the readings beginning around 8:30. So, come out, say hi, get your drink on, and hear some young Canadians writers.


Random Comments You comment, I respond... sometimes. As always, I pick and choose and edit to suit my needs.

Thok said: Foolish Chad. Batman's uniform has a special anti-Bowel Disruptor deflector coating that reflects the weapon back at Spider Jerusalem. (It's actually a general deflector coating that reflects a lot of low level sonic weapons; Batman has faced the likes of Sonar and Count Vertigo enough to see the use for that.)

That makes sense, actually. Dammit.

Manglr said: To be fair to Reed Richards, I believe the point was that he was chastizing the X-Men for hacking every satellite in the world to hide the return of the bullet, rather than the return of the bullet itself. He does kinda have a point...

He does. Except he'd do the same thing and it's not like he has the right to any more than they do.

Michael P said: Actually, Reed was chastising him for hacking the Fantastic Four's satellites to hide the bullet. The rest of the world can go hang, but you don't mess with Reed Richards's toys.

I'm surprised his tech can be hacked. I guess Reed ain't so smart after all...

Dean Hacker said: I am bending the rules doing one each by publisher. One DC title ... ALL-STAR SUPERMAN 2.0 by Mark Waid, Steve Rude and Karl Kessel. One Marvel title ... NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. by Greg Rucka and JH Williams III. Dark Horse ... INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS by Darwyn Cooke.

I would buy those. Though, I'd rather see a better writer on the Nick Fury book. Rucka tends to leave me pretty cold. He's good, but not great. I'd buy it because I don't dislike his work and Williams gets a buy, but, yeah, I'd choose a different writer. Also, I don't need Waid on Superman because I have Irredeemable.

Alex Frith said: This is probably a really old discussion point, but it always bugged me that Professor X was so keen for mutants and humans to co-exist, yet he never had any non-mutants on the X-Men - a handful in the mansion staff, maybe, but none on the team. Even the aliens on the team had to be mutants! What kind of message does that send out , especially to his own students? I can see from a storytelling point of view that it makes sense for the X-Men to be exclusively mutant, but it sure makes Prof X look like he's kidding himself. I guess the Champions and the New Defenders were like the most inclusive teams in the Marvel Universe?

There were an exception or two, but, yeah, Xavier wasn't too good at actually living his ideals, preferring to seclude the school in its own little mutant world. Of course, that has a lot to do with the book being about mutants, so damn logic in favour of a clear concept.

The Mutt said: The Haunted Tank by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

I'd read that.

comixkid2099 said: i would totally love to see Casey and Alred on YA. In fact, i'd love to see just about anybody on that title, since the original creators haven't done anything with those characters in about 4 years.

Casey does teens better than most superhero writers and with his love of the Avengers, this seems like a slamdunk.

Thanks for reading. Until next week. Later.

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