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Now that I have a blog that Cronin was nice enough to plug, it's time to do what only makes sense; ignore it and write for this blog instead. So here is a collection of random fanboy stuff I would be too embarassed to post individually, but am just about okay with collectively. Sort of like the Outsiders as a concept. Geo-Force and Katana as solo heroes? Lame! But together? Acceptable!One of the few disappointments I had in the Timm and friends Justice League cartoon's run was that the Crime Syndicate of America never showed up. I'm guessing the Justice Lords were meant to be the next best thing (similar to the Justice Guild replacing the Justice Society), but it just wasn't the same; I wanted to see Evil Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, not misguided facist Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. They probably could have adapted Morrison and Quitely's Earth 2 GN with a few tweaks*, even! And may still, since they're adapting New Frontier as a direct to video thing, but still; I wanted to see the JLU crew's take on Owl Man and Power Ring, damn it!

If the Punisher movie had been a direct adaptation of the Ennis/Dillon Welcome Back Frank series, and thus Kevin Nash had been allowed to not only speak but use the Russian's dialogue, would the end result have been a great movie, or the greatest movie?** (I'd totally imbed a video of the Russian/Punisher fight scene and a great Kevin Nash wrestling promo from You Tube, but, well, you lot have it too damn easy around here! Go find them yourselves!***

You know who I'd like to see responsible for all of the ills in the Marvel Universe at the end of this meta-crossover they have planned for the next 20 years (or until Quesada gets sacked**** and someone else, let's say Jog, is installed as the new guy to be Marvel's savior for six months to a year before people start calling for his head? The Impossible Man. It would make all of the crappy crossovers that don't involve Space Gladiator Hulk stomping anyone who looks at him funny worth it if, at the end, it was just all one elaborate prank by ol' Impy. Sure, it would just be a convenient way to hit the rest button but, c'mon! It's the Impossible Man's time to shine! He's more amusing than a dozen Skrulls! Also potentially funny: a dead serious evil Impossible Man.***** That's got some great unintentional comedy written all over it. I'm open to either.

Did anyone else see that Conan O'Brian used Krazy Kat as a background for what I think is called a bump, but am not sure, but am calling it that anyway? He did. He superimposed his head on Krazy's body whilst being beaned by Ignatz. It was pretty cool.

I told you this crap didn't merit whole posts by itself.

It occurs to me now that it probably doesn't merit to be collected.

This may, in fact, be as unneccessary as that Batman and the Outsiders series of one shots, one of which Graeme McMillan makes sound worth reading, damn his Scottish eyes.

Alfred Molina and Chris O'Donnel are in some CIA mini-series on TNT. Beyond my general lack of interest in this kind of thing, I couldn't sit through this show without think about Doc Ock slapping pervert suit Robin****** around. Which would inevitably make the actual show pail in comparison. This is sort of like Penny Arcade's reaction to Troy, but less bad ass sounding.

Like Cronin, I like the idea of a pilot season for new ongoing series. However, I'm leary of trying anything that Top Cow publishes because, well, it's Top Cow, and I have to have at least one comics publisher to look down upon. I just can't get past the fact that the house style they follow is Mark Silvestri's. Other than Whilce Portacio, I can't think of an aesthetic I'd less like to see copied (and yes, that includes Liefeld). I liked what I played of the Darkness video game enough to be more interested in the concept than I was when I kept equating it with that lame band, but the Silvestri artwork scared me off of the big collection they have trying to cash in on the game. Of course, I'm sure they publish comics that don't look like Silvestri (or David Finch and his other former clones), but I think I should also have at least one publisher I can be completely ignorant of while demeaning their product, and with Dreamwave and Cross Gen dead, I'm settling on Top Cow for now.

I just watched 300 this weekend. Was anyone else disappointed that they didn't really go for broke and have the Spartans fight Marv and the Old Town Ninja Hooker Squad? Or was that something I missed by not buying the DVD to watch the extras? 

This is one of those posts during which the footnotes will be longer than the actual post (and probably eclipse my yearly quotient of content anyway), so I'm packing it in. Remember to checking out my pro wrestling blog; I may actually update it someday!

*They might want to make the Johnny Quick not a drug addict, if it was meant to be marketed to kids. And maybe cut down on the sleazy love triangle between Ultra Man, Superwoman, and Owl Man. And maybe take out that bit where Cat Grant's an awful hag and Jimmy Olsen's a pervert. And the ending's sort of bleak. But otherwise, they could just film the thing!

** If I ripped this off from Chris Sims, I apologize. It sounds like something he would say, but I can't be sure without Googling, and hey, I am way too damn lazy for that, as you can tell. I won't even link you to his Super Invincible Blog, for chrissakes!

*** Also, I don't know how to imbed youtube clips. Also, I'm not sure I'm spelling imbed right. My life is full of self doubt and ignorance.

**** Unless he's assassinated by someone who really didn't take Quasar's death well at a con or something, and a bloody gang war between Bendis, Millar, and JMS breaks out to take his place, with Brian Reed being the completely shocking only survivor and new, just ruler of Marvel. I can totally see that happening, too.


This would be more stupid than when Alan Moore made Mr. Mxyzptlk the murderous villain at the end of Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow in ways I can't explain, other than that Alan Moore is better than anyone who might possibly write an evil Impossible Man comic for Marvel. Or, you know, a deplorable hack who helped kill Batman. One of those things.

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