<i>Rampage</i> Smashing Into Theaters

We're living in good times for giant-monster fans. Not only is Guillermo del Toro making Pacific Rim, which pits huge monsters against robots, but Heat Vision reports the classic arcade and home-console game Rampage will make the transition to the big screen.

The New Line adaptation is being shepherded by John Rickard, who has co-produced a variety of movies, from the Nightmare on Elm Street remake and Final Destination 5 to Horrible Bosses and the upcoming Jack the Giant Killer. He's talking to potential screenwriters now to see whose take fits best with his plans for the series.

Rampage debuted in arcades in 1986, and was quickly ported to nearly every system around at the time. Gameplay involved controlling a monster as he knocks down buildings one punch at a time. Players had their choice between a giant ape, a giant lizard and a giant werewolf, all of whom were humans before a freak lab accident. Since then, Rampage has had its fair share of reboots, thanks to new systems, but has been away from video game shelves since the 2007 Wii version came out. With such a simple premise, we're curious to see how that's interpreted into a major motion picture. But, really, the more giant-monster movies the better.

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