Rambo Reboot In the Works -- Without Sylvester Stallone

As a testament to the character's inability to die, Rambo will be resurrected in an upcoming reboot of the film franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the reboot will be titled "Rambo: New Blood," and has writer Brooks McLaren and director Ariel Vromen heading the project.

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Aside from that, there's little information about the upcoming film, except that the original star of the series, Sylvester Stallone, will not be reprising his role as the tortured Vietnam veteran.

It's not clear even if Rambo will still be a veteran of the Vietnam War. A huge aspect of Rambo's character is defined by the singular experiences of Vietnam, so there's a chance the film will still follow the source material of the novel "First Blood," with a younger actor to portray the character.

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This is likely to be the largest project writer Brooks McLaren and director Ariel Vromen have taken on at this point in their careers. McLaren has only written a number of small action movies prior to taking on "New Blood," and the biggest film Vromen made was "Criminal," the sci-fi crime thriller that released last April to lukewarm reviews. No release date has been set for the upcoming "Rambo" film.

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