Rampage: First Trailer Unleashes Monsters on Chicago

Dwayne Johnson has a monster-sized problem on his hands in the first trailer for Rampage. The trailer offers a first glimpse at the video game adaptation,which pits Johnson's character David Okoye against three house-sized animals.

The trailer frames Okoye as a man who would prefer to hang out with animals rather than humans. It reveals that Okoye saved George, a silverback gorilla, when George was just a baby. As George grew older, the two formed a close bond -- until a gene-editing bomb ended up in George's enclosure at the zoo.

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The gene-editing bomb causes George, a wolf and a crocodile to sprout, gaining height and mass -- but that's not all. The bomb also triggers other changes, including in personality, which turns gentle George into a rage-fueled monster. Because of human arrogance on the part of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character, these creatures are all unleashed on Chicago, and Okoye steps up to stop them.

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Rampage is an adaption of the beloved ’80s arcade game that allowed players to choose between three different characters: a giant ape, a giant lizard and a giant werewolf, all of which were human prior to a freak lab accident.

Debuting April 20, 2018, Rampage stars Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Malin Ackerman, Joe Mangianello, Jake Lacey, PJ Byrne, Mary Shelton, and Jack Quaid. The film was directed by Brad Peyton (San Andreas) from a script by Ryan Condal and Carlton Cuse, based on a story by Ryan Engle.

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