Ralph Breaks the Internet's Best Disney & Pixar Cameos

Wreck-It Ralph was a feat in 2012 because it brought together many different video game characters, retro and modern, under a Disney umbrella. This year’s sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet, took it a step further and took advantage of the Disney deals that have been made since then. This means that we got cameos from classic Disney films, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars.

One of the breakout scenes from the film's trailers was certainly the Disney princesses in casualwear hanging out with Vanellope. This alone was a huge draw to go watch the film. In the end, the film doesn’t spend too much time on Disney, but it was enough for us to spot some of our favorite classic Disney and Pixar characters walking around.


Disney Dumbo

With the live-action film coming out in March 2019, Disney was smart to include the classic Dumbo character in Ralph Breaks the Internet. He’s instantly recognizable, especially when he’s up in the air.

You can spot him flying around when Vanellope is first walking up to the Oh My Disney building. Thankfully, he wasn’t wearing clown makeup like he does in the latest trailer, because that would be a weird moment to cry during the movie.

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear

You can also spot Buzz Lightyear outside of the Oh My Disney building when Vanellope first arrives. He’s rather easy to spot, as most big toys are, and he’s a prominent Pixar character that’s perfect for a cameo.

His placement in the film is likely meant to stoke our curiosity further for Toy Story 4, for which a teaser trailer was released not too long ago. Not spotted in the scene is the new high-strung sentient spork featured in the teaser.



Tinkerbell is basically a mascot for the Disney brand. She’s an ever-popular character that children are consistently drawn to. Perhaps it’s because she’s small and has an attitude? Since her first appearance in 1953’s Peter Pan, Tinkerbell has been beloved by kids and adults of all ages.

You can spot Tinkerbell hovering around after Vanellope has infiltrated Oh My Disney, but has accidentally gotten the attention of some Stormtroopers. She’s especially noticeable when Vanellope looks back at what appears to be a craft services table.


Grumpy from Snow White

Long before Grumpy Cat, there was Grumpy, one of the Seven Dwarfs. Despite his namesake mood, Grumpy still remains one of the most well-liked of the Seven Dwarfs. He’s got a heart of gold under that gruff exterior, which we see during Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Grumpy hasn’t been spotted in a Disney movie since his cameo in The Lion King 1 1/2, so it was a fun moment to see him being his grumpy self when Vanellope runs by him as she’s escaping the Stormtroopers.

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