Ralph Breaks the Internet Directors on Interest in Disney Princesses Film

One of the breakout scenes from Ralph Breaks the Internet occurred when Vanellope met the Disney Princesses. Now, directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston are letting it be known that fans are starting to wonder if and when the Disney Princesses could headline their own feature film.

“It has definitely had an interesting response not just here in the States, but everywhere we’ve gone in the world promoting the movie," Moore told the A.V. Club during an interview for the Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray release.

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He added, "When you’re in Stockholm and they’re saying like, ‘Have you considered doing a movie just about the Princesses?’ I think it’s an idea worth exploring, because everywhere we go, we hear that kind of response. ’Oh my God, I love the Princesses like that.' Not just the scene with them meeting Vanellope and talking about what it means to be a princess, but then to see them in action at the end. It does feel like there is something to that. People are finally seeing the princesses do what you always believed they could do, but you've never seen it before.”

Moore also went on to say that he's not aware of any serious discussions of spinning the Disney Princesses off into their own movie, but they've definitely heard from interested fans.

Directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnson, Ralph Breaks the Internet features the voices of John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Taraji P. Henson, Gal Gadot, Jane Lynch and Ed O’Neill. The DVD and Blu-ray are on sale now.

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