'Raising Dion' comic book trailer is better than most movies

You're unlikely to see a better trailer for a comic book -- ever -- than this one for Raising Dion, the superhero drama by Dennis Liu and Jason Piperberg. Wait, to call it a trailer does it a disservice; it's a wonderfully produced, and wonderfully uplifting, short film.

While many superhero stories feature parents (whether alive or dead) as inspiration or a guiding force, Raising Dion offers a twist: It's told from the perspective of single mother Nicole, who's trying to raise her superpowered 7-year-old son.

Liu, a commercials and music video director, set out to tell a good story, but also to make a statement about superhero diversity.

"I did not want to play the race card, but honestly, as a member of the DGA EDSC [Directors Guild of America Eastern Diversity Steering Committee] Diversity council for several years, I felt like something had to be done about superhero diversity," he tells Today. "I also felt the industry was simply answering the gender card by glorifying women as a war hero, like in The Hunger Games, or the new Wonder Woman film coming out. I think this [approach] works, but I wanted to point out that it doesn't have to be the only solution."

The first issue of Raising Dion can be downloaded for free, or purchased in printed form from Indy Planet.

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