Raimi Wanted Two Versions of Ash in Original Apocalyptic Plot for 'Evil Dead 4'

During a press interview for his new Starz series "Ash vs. Evil Dead," Sam Raimi shared how the "Evil Dead" franchise would have gone in a very different direction had it continued somewhere other than television.

According to Screencrush, Raimi's "Evil Dead 4" would have been a wildly alternative take on the franchise, hearkening back to the alternate ending to "Army of Darkness" that saw Bruce Campbell's Ash transported to a post-apocalyptic future, rather than returning to the present. Raimi said the fourth "Evil Dead" movie would have followed two versions of Ash -- one from the first three "Evil Dead" films, and one from the alternate ending. The film would have featured both versions in parallel storylines and timelines, fighting yet another battle against a ruthless, undead army.

The idea, which would incorporate two characters from two different versions of the same film, only one of which was released theatrically, was ultimately deemed too confusing for viewers to follow.  Raimi decided to not move forward with that version of the story and instead wrote Ash into "Ash vs. Evil Dead," a television continuation of the franchise. While "Evil Dead 4" never made it to production, some of those script elements did inspire the new Starz show, which features Campbell's return to the titular role of Ash Williams alongside franchise newcomer Lucy Lawless.

"Ash vs. Evil Dead" premieres October 31 on Starz.

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