Raimi Brings Anime To Life With <i>Noir</i>

Sam Raimi and partner Rob Tapert are developing a live action television adaptation of a Japanese crime anime about two female assassins who must work together to discover the secret behind their mysterious link. There is almost no way this won't be awesome.

The series, Noir, ran for 26 episodes in 2001, and sounds like the assassin version of JJ Abrams' Alias, with its two anti-heroines finding out that their lives are being run by a shadowy organization that's at least a millennium old. Raimi and Tapert will executive produce the remake for cable channel Starz, with Stephen Lightfoot writing and producing. No cast has been mentioned but, if it's anything like other Raimi productions like Spartacus and Xena, expect a mix of new faces in lead roles and familiar names as back-up.

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