Rai #3

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of RAI #3 - the next epic issue of VALIANT FIRST's all-new ongoing series from visionary creators Matt Kindt (Unity, Mind MGMT) and Clayton Crain (Carnage)! In the year 4001, nothing is what it seems, not even yourself... On July 9th, step into a future transformed to discover the astonishing world of 41st century Japan and the mysterious spirit guardian only known as RAI!

A seemingly random murder - the first in a thousand years - is unraveling the mysteries at the heart of Rai's very existence. As the country of Japan completes another orbit around 41st century Earth, Rai, its sole protector, turns his investigation toward two figures he never questioned before: Father, the A.I. that controls Japan...and himself.

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