Rafael Alburquerque goes creator-owned in Brazil with <I>Tune 8</I>

Artist Rafael Albuquerque is wowing people with his work on American Vampire, as well as preparing for upcoming stints on Batman and Wolverine. But if you're only familiar with his American work, you're only getting half the story on this talent. In Brazil, Albuquerque has been publishing a series of creator-owned comics that he draws and writes. Back in 2010, Oni Press collected one of those, Mondo Urbano, but there's another more recent one that hasn't yet made its way to the States at all.

Titled Tune 8, this story follows a time traveler named Joshua who gets lost in a strange and inhospitable place. His only lifeline, if any, is a disembodied female voice that guides him through it. Tune 8 has been serialized on the Brazilian website Ig.com.br, and the cartoonist has been selling a print edition of Tune 8 at conventions. Unfortunately for non-Portuguese speaking fans, Tune 8 hasn't been translated yet, but the cartoonist reportedly has plans to do that in the near future.

But if you're an ardent fan and want to appreciate it for the art alone, you can view the strip on IG.com.br and through the portal Albuquerque has set up. Here's three pages to wet those taste buds:

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