Rafael Albuquerque Named Artist On Mark Millar's "Huck"

After initially teasing the series last week, we now know a little bit more about Mark Millar's upcoming Image Comics series "Huck." As detailed in Comic Book Resources' Image Expo report, the series will be drawn by Rafael Albuquerque, the artist known for his work on "American Vampire" at Vertigo.

While onstage at the Image Expo, Albuquerque talked a bit about "Huck" without giving too much away about the mysterious series. "Do you remember those old '80s movies -- 'Back to the Future,' 'Indiana Jones'? -- don't they just feel great every time we look at them? 'Huck' really brings that feel."

Albuquerque added that "Huck" is about a guy with "learning difficulties," who does good for good's sake. "He helps people in his small-town community. He's just special in all kinds of ways. He's not only a great heart, but he also has some special powers. He's much stronger than a normal person. He's much faster."

The tagline featured on "Huck's" slide in the presentation read, "What if the person you least expected had an amazing secret?"

Regarding Albuquerque's commitment to "American Vampire," his ongoing Vertigo series, writer Scott Snyder tweeted this message to fans.

Also, HUCK by pal @mrmarkmillar & blood brother @rafaalbuquerque is going to be amazing. AND has been well SCHEDULED into AMERICAN VAMPIRE

- Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) July 2, 2015

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