"Radix" Creators Unleash "Parrots Of The Caribbean"

Horizon Comics Productions Inc. announce the return of the Lai Bros to the world of comics with their new upcoming title after a 3 years hiatus. The Lai Bros' last creator owned title Radix, a sci-fi comic published through Image comics, got international media coverage when MIT (Massachusetts institute of technologies) unlawfully used images from Radix to gain a 50 million US army research grant to develop the armor of the future soldier. The Lai Bros was known for their mainstream comic art and dynamic designs and storytelling. This time around, they will introduce an all new style of art and storytelling to the American comic book world with? Parrots of the Caribbean SPARROW?S GOLD

Parrots of the Caribbean the comic book will be released in 2007 Along with this announcement is another first time event: the ebay auction of the film rights to the Parrots of the Caribbean.

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