Radical Teams With Sam Worthington

Since its inception, Radical Publishing has made no secret of its designs on placing its comic book series as Hollywood movies, although to this point the publisher of titles such as "Hercules: The Knives of Kush" hasn't gone the route of teaming with outside production companies or very often teaming with Hollywood stars.

That changed today as The Hollywood Reporter has the news that Radical and "Avatar" actor Sam Worthington's own Full Clip Productions have entered into a pact to create a comics imprint. The projects produced by the partnership will involve Worthington and his partners Michael and John Schwarz with an eye on launching movie roles for Worthington and John, an Australian television actor who's appeared in episodes of "Farscape" amongst other shows. The first project under the deal will be "Damaged" - a crime story of two brothers which will be scripted by "Stray Bullets" creator David Lapham.

Radical has recently teamed with other Hollywood talents including Wesley Snipes and Antoine Fuqua, whose "After Dark" hit comic shops today with a $1.00 introductory zero issue.

For more on the deal with Full Clip, check The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog, and for more on Radical Comics keep it here on CBR.

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