Radical Publishing Unleashes "Incarnate" By Nick Simmons This August

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They cannot die. They feel no pain. They hunger for human flesh. They are Revenants. Centuries ago, the Revenant known as Mot was worshipped as a God. Now, he walks the Earth in search for a purpose to his immortality - but when a secret society discovers a way to kill Revenants, Mot and his fellow immortals must make a choice: Hunt or be hunted.

Radical Publishing is proud to announce its newest title for August 2009: INCARNATE, created, written and penciled by Nick Simmons, son of rock legend Gene Simmons and star of A&E's Gene Simmons Family Jewels. The three-issue miniseries will feature a brand new 52-page format and $4.99 price point that will be used in future Radical titles such as FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency from David Hine (Civil War: X-Men, Spider-Man Noir) and The Last Days of American Crime from Rick Remender (Punisher, Fear Agent).

The story concerns Mot, a peculiar member of a race of predatory creatures called Revenants. They are immortal, ageless, shape-shifting and vicious. There has never been a force on this earth that has been able to give them the death that Mot (secretly) seeks, until now. A shadow organization known only as Sanctum has discovered a way to kill the Revenants, and is carrying out a secret genocide that spans the globe. Mot, his protege Connor, and the rest of the Revenants now must decide how to ensure their place at the top of the food chain. Nick Simmons' breakout American Manga title reveals a world that challenges even the imagination, planting its tongue firmly in cheek, then biting it off...And swallowing it.

"Incarnate is a project that is very close to me," stated Radical Publishing President and Publisher Barry Levine. "As a rock photographer, I have worked very closely with Gene Simmons and the members of KISS. Since I've known him, Gene has always had a passion for comics and has passed that down to his son Nick. After seeing Nick's concept for Incarnate and the quality of his designs and panels, I immediately felt that this was a great fit for Radical."

Just before its August release date, Incarnate #1 will debut at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International with Nick Simmons on hand to sign copies. For more info on Radical at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, stay tuned to www.radicalcomics.com for all the latest news.

Incarnate #1 appears in the June 2009 Diamond Previews catalog, to ship August 2009 and featuring a cover by popular Runaways and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 cover artist Jo Chen (Diamond Code: JUN091053).Incarnate #1 is a 52-page comic and retails for only $4.99.

About Radical Publishing

Radical Publishing is founded by Barry Levine (producer for Hercules, Caliber, Freedom Formula and executive producer for the in-development Rex Mundi movie for Warner Bros., written by Jim Uhls and starring Johnny Depp) and his protege Jesse Berger (executive producer for Hercules, Caliber and Freedom Formula).For their quality and excellence in 2008, retailers voted Radical Publishing the Gem Award for "Best New Publisher of the Year" from Diamond Comic Distributors. Radical brings the best writing, storytelling and fully painted cover and interior art to the global comic book market, from prominent international talents such as Yoshitaka Amano, John Bolton, Luis Royo, Jim Steranko, Steve Pugh, Warren Ellis, Arthur Suydam, Steve Niles, Jimmy Palmiotti, Flint Dille, Marko Djurdjevic, Ian Edginton, David Hine, Rick Remender, Joseph Kosinski, Nick Percival, Steve Moore, Sam Sarkar, Stjepan Sejic, Dave Wilkins, Tomm Coker, Clayton Crain, Bill Sienkiewicz, Nick Sagan, Clint Langley, Nick Simmons, Patrick Reilly, Weta Workshop, Zombie Studios and many more.

Radical Publishing currently has production deals with Universal Studios, Spyglass Entertainment, Peter Berg's Film 44 and Radical Pictures for Hercules; Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil and Radical Pictures for Caliber; and New Regency, Bryan Singer's Bad Hat Harry Productions and Radical Pictures for Freedom Formula.

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