Radical Publishing to Debut at San Diego Comic-Con

Exactly one year ago, Radical Publishing co-founder, President and Publisher Barry Levine, the former producing partner at Dark Horse Comics and Dark Horse Entertainment, could be seen doing his signature brisk walk through the 2006 Comic Con convention hall. However, 2006 was different than any other year, he says of last years Comic Con, I wasn't there looking for new high concepts or to represent a slate of projects, I was there to let key contacts and marquee talent know that there was a new company coming to town.

One year later, Radical Publishing executive Barry Levine, co-founder and Senior VP Jesse Berger and Co-Publisher and Editor in Chief David Elliott, will be debuting their new company to the world at booth #2701, July 25th-29th at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con tradeshow. The company is excited to unveil a booth that will be a multi-media experience, also featuring a 20-foot wall of art and a gallery-style presentation where enthusiasts can come view work from some of the businesses top artists, including Jim Steranko, Yoshitaka Amano, John Bolton, Bill Sienkiewicz and Peter Jackson and Richard Taylor's WETA Workshop to name a few.

We are up and running and ready to show people a thing or two, explains Radical Co-Publisher and Editor in Chief David Elliott. And with a roster of artists and co-creators that reads like a whose who of the comic business, a cumulative 45 years of experience within the comic book and publishing businesses amongst the companies top executives, and the recent Radical Publishing stock purchase by U.K. based foreign sales, production and finance house Intandem, the prophecy appears true.

However, the buck doesn't stop there. Radical Publishing was founded on a mission statement that truly sets the company apart from every other comic book entity in the business. We are a company that prides itself on being different from the growing number of comic book publishers, Barry confidently explains, our painted-look lets audiences experience each story through artwork that sets a tone. We are all about producing art that you would want to hang on your wall.

Not that every book will have painted artwork, We are looking for the best talents around, be it painted artwork or line work, David remarks. And by the best I don't mean best known talent, we are actively looking for young new talent that are passionate about what they are doing. We offer creators the chance to do hi-concept westerns, action/adventure, supernatural, sci-fi, even comedy. Our main criterion, when looking at portfolios is that quality counts.

The origin of the new publishing company Radical Publishing, with its three imprints Radical Comics, Radical Books and Radical Art, might as well be a story right out of a comic book. Armed with years of experience under the wing of Dark Horse founder and President Mike Richardson and a tattoo on his right arm that reads He who does not hope to win has already lost, Barry left his post at Dark Horse Entertainment in search of the freedom to structure his own development slate. He teamed up with young entrepreneur Jesse Berger and comic book publishing veteran David Elliott and the foundation was set to step to launch a new company into the competitive world of comic book publishing.

Without announcing anything, Radical has been approached for deals in mass-market book publishing, toys, film production, television, videogames and other multi-media platforms and emerging markets, but the true focus of the company is creating a platform where creators are supported and protected in bringing their ideas and concepts to fruition. We are not looking to compete with Marvel and DC in marketshare, Barry continues, but we are looking to compete by developing high-concept properties and great stories that will appeal to the fans and the marketplace as a whole.

Radical Publishing President/Publisher Barry Levine and Co-Publisher and Editor in Chief David Elliott can be found at their booth when they are not tromping through the convention center searching for upcoming talent and meeting with creators. Artists wishing to show portfolios please stop by and make an appointment.

Radical Publishing will also be holding a free raffle at 4PM daily, July 26-29th, where entrants can win MP3 Players, Radical clothing and other prizes. Audiences can also come to the Radical Publishing special panel presentation on Saturday, July 28th from 3:30-4:30PM in Panel Room #2 to learn more about the company's slate of projects and the official launch of the Radical Universe, with first titles set to make their debut in retail stores in early 2008.

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