Racistest Superheroes Ever

Now this post is not about superheroes that behave in a manner that shows they are racists at heart.  That would be silly because all of them are.  This post is about superheroes whose portrayal is racist.

For instance, the Arabian Knight.



Look at that guy.  Really, did they think they were fooling anyone?  Yet another instance of the "all middle eastern men are gay" stereotype and it bugs me.

Some instances are slightly less obvious, some are equally obvious.  For the latter, check out Psylocke.  She went from being a modest, quiet little British lady of proper etiquette (RACIST) to a sexxxxed up Asian dragon lady vamp.  It's ridiculous!  But of course the X-nerds love it because that's exactly what they want to come into their lives, an aggressive hot exotic woman with ninja skills.  Yeah, that's right, as soon as her race changes, she knows martial arts.  Ugh.



Let's not forget the Hulk.  The Hulk didn't start out as racist, but Peter David certainly decided to make him so.  Peter David made the Hulk Jewish.  (He also made him have an abusive father.  Like his Supergirl did.  Like he had Mary Marvel molested.  Perhaps Mr. David could benefit from working out his father issues in a format less four-colored.  But then again, he also killed Betty Banner when his marriage didn't work out.)  Why did David make the Hulk Jewish?  What color is the Hulk?  Usually?  That's right, green. 



THE COLOR OF GREED!  I see where you're going, anti-semite, and I won't stand for it.

And how many times must we see this guy grow before the hate ends?



Listen, despite what you may have heard in your "Totally Tasteless Joke" book, Marvel, not ALL black men can change their height at will and not ALL of them are scientists!  OK?!  Jesus, you racists make me sick. 

To be fair, crackers don't get off any more easily.  Foremost among the awful examples are the "all white people are rich and hate crime" stereotype and the subtler, more insidious racism of Captain America.



That's right, Captain America.  First off, he starts off weak, just like all crackers do.  Then he takes drugs and gets stronger, just like all those dirty caucasion freaks do.  And then he spends the rest of his career trying to get Falcon, a black man, to do his butt, JUST LIKE ALL WHITE PEOPLE DO!  Just because this stereotype is accurate doesn't mean its excusable. 

Racism in comics has been around a long time, and I'm afraid it's not about to leave.  But that won't stop me from pointing it out whenever and wherever I see it.  Join me, won't you?





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