Rachel Rising #10

Story by
Art by
Terry Moore
Letters by
Terry Moore
Cover by
Abstract Studios

Terry Moore reveals the crux of the ideas behind "Rachel Rising" in issue #10 and it's interesting enough that all the mysteries feel well worth the wait. More importantly perhaps, the crux is a nice solid grey area that will leave readers thinking about right and wrong long after putting the book down.

There's a wonderful "Do the ends justify the means?" aspect to the turn "Rachel Rising" has taken. You can't help but be horrified by the long dead town and the crimes committed to some these characters long ago, but the vengeance the character seeks, though certainly emotionally understandable, does not exactly feel justified either. It gives the book and its characters some layers and nuance that will leave you thinking even more than the mysteries have up to this point.

I'm not sure what can be said about Moore's visuals that haven't already been said. They're beautiful. He draws his characters with a consistency that every artist should strive for and his interest in expression and character acting is evident on every page. He can do more with simple black and white than most comic artists can do with unlimited colors. The pages are strong enough to stand on their own without words and Moore is completely comfortable letting them do so.

However, this issue a bit exposition heavy and I can't help but feel that the story would have resonated even more powerfully if told in action rather than a few pages of talking heads. That said, the reveal was interesting enough and Moore's talking heads are lovely enough that I didn't really mind as much as I perhaps should have.

Perhaps my favorite thing about "Rachel Rising" is that Moore has expertly strung us along for nine issues, building mystery and revealing tiny clues along the way, all leading to some big reveals in this issue. Yet, there's still obviously a lot to come. If what's to come is as interesting as what we've already seen, then we're all in for a treat.

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