R.M. Guera Takes On Tarantino's "Django Unchained"

At Comic-Con International in San Diego 2012 during DC Comics' "Before Watchmen" panel, fan-favorite director Quentin Tarantino made a special appearance to announce DC would be publishing a five-issue miniseries based on the initial screenplay of his upcoming film "Django Unchained." No new details were released since the CCI announcement until today, when The Source revealed artist R.M. Guera will illustrate Tarantino's miniseries.

Guera is perhaps best known for his collaboration with writer Jason Aaron as the ongoing artist for "Scalped," which recently wrapped up a 60-issue run, earning critical acclaim for its conclusion. Considering Guera's experience drawing "Scalped," his style seems like it would be a good fit with Tarantino's vision for the adaptation of his western epic.

"One of the things that I'm really excited about is that 'Django Unchained' is a big epic," Tarantino said at the announcement of the series. "When I write big epic scripts like 'Kill Bill,' there's a lot of stuff that doesn't make the movie because they're too f-ing big. They'd be four hour movies if I did everything that was in the script, so there always is this aspect that the script is this big literary piece that I'm always taking it out and changing it and transforming it to make it a movie by the time it's all finished. That's the process, I'm always adapting my movie every day, my unwieldy script into a movie every day as I do it, but what's really cool about doing a 'Django Unchained' comic book is that it's the entire script. Even though things might have changed in the movie, I might have changed something else, I might have dropped chapters, I might have dropped big pieces -- that will all be in the comic. The comic will literally be that very first draft of the script. All that material that didn't make the movie, all of that will be part of the piece. And I'm really excited about it."

"Django Unchained" #1 drops December 5, while the film premieres December 25.

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