R.L. Stine's 'Fear Street' Books Scare Up a Movie

Even as "Goosebumps" barrels toward theaters, an adaptation of another R.L. Stine series is in the works.

TheWrap reports Fox and Chernin Entertainment are developing a movie based on "Fear Street," the long-running series of horror books aimed at teenage readers.

Effectively the older, bloodier siblings to Stine's "Goosbumps" series, the "Fear Street" books are set in fictional Shadyside, Ohio, where average teenagers grapple with malevolent, and occasionally supernatural, adversaries. Stine revived the 26-year-old series just last year.

"Goosebumps," starring Jack Black as a fictionalized Stine, opens Oct. 26. Sony Pictures is already discussing a potential sequel.

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