R.I.P. Sonny Trinidad

I was sorry to hear that we lost another one of the Bronze Age greats from my childhood. Sonny Trinidad passed away three days ago, on November 23rd.

Sonny Trinidad was a big part of a lot of my favorite runs at Marvel, especially in the black-and-white books like Savage Sword and Dracula Lives and so on.

But I also remember him doing some really amazing stuff on the short-lived Son of Satan.

And even the first issue of Man From Atlantis. It was the only time I liked the art on that book.

He was never a big fan favorite but I always admired his work, especially on the horror stuff like Morbius and the aforementioned Son of Satan. For some reason, the wave of Philippine artists that hit Marvel in the Seventies really tended to knock the fantasy/horror stuff out of the park and Trinidad was no exception.

I've been very fortunate, as an adult, to meet a great many of these artists and say thanks for making that decade a hell of a lot more bearable for me. Sadly, I never got the chance to thank Sonny Trinidad.

So I'm doing it here. Rest in peace, sir.

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