Quote of the day | Zak Sally on what Marvel owes Jack Kirby

"I think Marvel Comics should pay for the Jack Kirby Museum. They should fund the thing in its entirety, right now – and not a temporary, pop-up (which would still be awesome), but a permanent, brick and mortar space. what is that – 10, 20 million bucks to do it right? that’s a drop in the bucket. and all profit from the museum in perpetuity could go to the Kirby estate."

Sammy the Mouse creator Zak Sally, offering an intriguing suggestion on what Marvel could do to pay its considerable debt to Jack Kirby. Sally goes on to say: "I actually believe that, framed in a less rant-fueled, angry setting, a campaign to get Marvel (and Kirby did no small amount of work/ creation for DC, either) to pony up for the museum is a pretty damn good idea, and I would urge saner, more reasonable minds who agree with this idea to put it forth in whatever way they deem fit." I actually think this is a pretty good idea, too. Donating a considerable sum or outright paying  for the museum would go a long way towards generating considerable goodwill and acknowledge Kirby's considerable contribution to the company without having to outright pay the family or (I suspect) suggest any possibility of Kirby's estate having a legitimate claim to the characters' copyright.

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