Quote of the Day | 'You cannot win at art'

"When it comes to art, and especially a style of art, you can't be wrong. If you like it, it is good. Really. That's why there isn't much point in seeking out validation from an 'expert' taste-maker. Hang on, what about technique? Surely, they can pass judgement on an artist's technique, right? Yes, it might be possible to discern someone's relative proficiency with a brush, but technique alone is not art. I'll talk more about that later. So does all this mean that we shouldn't look at the art we like critically? Of course not, and I'll talk about that later, too."

-- Joshua Middleton, firing back at critics who argue that one style of art is objectively better than another.

To be clear, Middleton doesn't believe that all criticism is worthless, and he explains as much in his post. He just thinks that criticism serves a specific purpose, but that critics sometimes allow their opinions to creep outside of the areas where they're genuinely useful: like discussing proficiency with a particular technique or the artist's ability to accomplish her goals.

It's a thought-provoking, heartfelt read and the first in hopefully a series of articles Middleton plans to write on the subject.

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