Quote of the Day | Who wants a ticket for the Rob Liefeld train?

"After that Twitter flame-out, I can't say I'd be in a hurry to get onto that train."

-- Tom Brevoort, Marvel senior vice president and executive editor, responding to a question on Formspring about whether, following Rob Liefeld's abrupt exit from DC Comics, there's a chance the creator could return to the House of Ideas.

Brevoort is, of course, referring to the flurry of tweets that began early Wednesday with Liefeld announcing he had walked off Deathstroke, Grifter and The Savage Hawkman because of "massive indecision, last minute and I mean LAST minute changes that alter everything" and "editor pissing contests." The tirade, which included Liefeld referring to an editor as "a little bitch" and "a big dick," and giving his name, has continued through this morning.

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