Quote of the day | Tom DeFalco, on current comics and <i>Spider-Girl: The End</i>

"I think there are a number of factors. For one, tastes change. I like to do stories that are paced a lot faster than the current style. I hate to see comics that have people standing around talking like they’re in a radio drama -- a drama that is told entirely through dialogue. I actually enjoy a good radio drama, but radio is radio and comics are comics. I prefer to keep the action flowing with visual bits or sequential story-telling. I also go for broader action and emotional scenes. [...] Another factor is that I doubt many editors are currently reading my stuff. They remember me from when they were growing up and just assume they won’t like my writing now that they’re older. They think of Spider-Girl as a comic for 'young kids' and don’t think I’m capable of producing work for their 'more mature' titles. I can understand why they feel that way."

-- writer Tom DeFalco, explaining why he thinks the recently canceled Spider-Girl "is probably the last monthly comic book I will ever write for Marvel Comics"

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