Quote of the day | Tom Brevoort vs. Robert Kirkman

"I see Robert Kirkman has joined the Erik Larsen 'Do as I say, not as I do' club when it comes to the content in mainstream super hero comics. Guys, you've got all the freedom in the world to do whatever kinds of comics you want, and so do we. It's unapologetically ironic that the guy publishing INVINCIBLE, probably the bloodiest, goriest super hero comics in years, is the one casting these stones. And yes, I know he tries to contextualize it, but it's still 'Do as I say, not as I do.' If you want those kinds of comics, MAKE THEM! I think it's absurdly hypocritical to publish a violent book that looks like an issue of Teen Titans on the racks, then take this stance. And just to be clear: I like both Robert's and Erik's work. Never miss an issue of WALKING DEAD or INVINCIBLE."

Marvel VP-Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, responding to Robert Kirkman's complaints about the violence in Big Two superhero comics

I have a few thoughts on this:

1) It pains the yellow journalist in me to have to include the conciliatory bit at the end there, but I'm all about ethics.

2) As I told Brevoort over Twitter, I think both the hyprocrisy angle and "If you want those kinds of comics, MAKE THEM!" is a bit unfair. Let's say Jay-Z wants to hear a good country song every now and then -- should he stop rapping? Kirkman seems much better suited to what he's doing with Invincible and The Walking Dead than to traditional Big Two supercomics, but that doesn't pre-invalidate his opinions on those comics, opinions that ought to be allowed to rise or fall on their own merits. Attack the idea he's advancing, don't go the pot/kettle route. Well, at least don't do it over Invincible, which as a creator-owned book Kirkman made up from scratch is pretty different kettle of fish. But Marvel Zombies, on the other hand...

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