Quote of the day | Tom Brevoort on Peter & MJ vs. Northstar & Kyle

"No, because different characters require different things. This is similar to arguing that it's unfair that Reed Richards is so smart--that works for his character, but wouldn't work as well for, say, Ben Grimm. Different character. Also, and take this from somebody who was there as a reader and watched it happen, the marriage of Peter and MJ was absolutely as forced and sudden, probably more so. It's just had the advantage of having been a status quo for so long that a lot of readers grew up with it and accepted it. We've never said that no characters should be married, the point is that Spider-Man, the most popular youth-based character in the entertainment world, probably shouldn't be married."

-- Tom Brevoort, Marvel's senior vice president of publishing, responding to a fan who asked, "Do you not think there's hypocrisy in undoing the editorially mandated marriage of Peter and Mj and then doing something like the marriage of Storm and BP and Northstar and Kyle? The marriage of Peter and Mj felt far less forced or sudden."

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