Quote of the Day | '... The readership will reap what it sows'

"It might, if what DC was doing was impacting on their sales at all — but it really isn’t. Doesn’t mean we’re going to change the way we go about our business or anything, but for all that there’s a lot of uproar on the internet about whatever decisions DC is making, their sales remain constant. Sends a very clear signal to folks in charge both over there and elsewhere that it really doesn’t matter who works on what series, or how well or poorly they’re treated. So as a whole, the readership will reap what it sows."

-- Tom Brevoort, Marvel's senior vice president-executive editor, responding to a fan who wondered if, "with DC continuing on their weird way of interfering with creative teams and basically hating people does this kinda give you guys a new sense of that you're on target for the quality of product and creative composure that needs to help make the industry thrive."

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