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Quote of the day | The Odd Future of the anti-DC Comic-Con protest

by  in Comic News Comment
Quote of the day | The Odd Future of the anti-DC Comic-Con protest

“Art needs to be challenged via critique, not marching in the streets. Art ‘protesters’ have lost the battle before they even start fighting.”

Music critic Eric Harvey on the planned San Diego Comic-Con protest against the DC relaunch…Okay, not really — he’s actually talking about plans by various human rights organizations to picket performances by the so-hot-right-now hip-hop collective Odd Future over violent misogyny and homophobia in the group’s lyrics. But the principle is worth considering in either context, even one as relatively low-stakes and trivial as whether Superman should keep his red swim trunks. Personally I don’t buy the idea that physical protest is an invalid response to art you don’t like. It’s simply a critique via a different venue, isn’t it? If the goal is to cajole, shock, persuade or shame someone into the realization that what they’re doing (either by making a certain kind of art or consuming it) is unacceptable, I don’t think standing around with signs is any less appropriate a means to that end than writing a blog post.

Maybe if Tyler, the Creator wrote a new Lobo series we could hash this all out at once…

(via Jessica Hopper)

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