Quote of the day | Stan Lee as the Sean Parker of Marvel

"[Stan] Lee will receive a special Vanguard award from the Producers Guild in January, and the press release announcing the award claims that he 'has exerted more influence over the comic book industry than anyone in history,' which is probably true, but it also claims that he 'created or co-created 90 percent of Marvel’s most recognized comic characters.' We’ll never actually know the truth of those collaborations — like great modern American success stories, the truth has been lost in a neverending quagmire of lawsuits. (If this were The Social Network, you could argue that he was the Sean Parker of Marvel. Which isn’t a bad thing: Without Sean Parker, Facebook wouldn’t be Facebook.) [...] Lee will probably give a great speech when he wins the award. He’s always been good at talking, especially when he’s talking about his favorite subject, his greatest invention, the one character that we absolutely know for certain he’s 100 percent responsible for creating: Himself."

-- Entertainment Weekly writer Darren Franich, on the announcement that the Producers Guild of America will honor Stan Lee with its 2012 Vanguard Award, recognizing achievement in new media and technology

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