Quote of the day | Skottie Young, on kids' comics

"What is a kid comic? Did we grow up on 'kid' comics? Who knows? I think we grew up with comics that could be read by anyone. I got started reading comics when Image started. I was 13-14 years old and seeing bodies ripped apart and child molesters getting murdered in the pages of Spawn. Funny thing is, I could buy those at Toys R Us. Was that material meant for kids? Again, I don't know. But I was a kid, I read it, and I loved it. I could name 50 other books that rode that line and at the end of the day, I was reading. I was learning and discovering and learning that i may be able to do something with my 'doodling.' Some people think that violence in comics isn't what is needed to get kids to get off the X-Box and pick up a comic. I say that those people don't really know what kids are playing on their X-Box. If anything our comics are way too tame for them. We all have grand ideas about how to make the perfect comics for kids. I say they already exist."

-- artist Skottie Young, continuing the latest round of debate about the availability of comics appropriate for kids

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