Quote of the day | Rick Ungar on the politics of Marvel

"To say that the senior management at Marvel has always been ‘conservative’ would truly be a dramatic understatement [...] Indeed, I daresay that those at the top of the company would find far more in common with the Tea Party beliefs than the liberal perspective. This is so much the case that when I want to get the ultra-conservative perspective on an issue, I often turn to my friend who comes from the highest ranks of Marvel management as he is politically somewhere to the right of Attila The Hun.

Yet, to Marvel’s credit, the company has a far stronger commitment to the First Amendment than the Tea Party leaders who are condemning the Captain America episode in question. Marvel has allowed Captain America to evolve over the past few years to keep it current with the issues facing the nation. Occasionally, the book tells stories that would likely grate on senior management – but that is what free speech is all about."

-- Rick Ungar, former president of Marvel Characters Group, on the Captain America-Tea Party controversy

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