Quote of the day | "Richard Gere IS Chester Brown in <i>Paying For It: The Movie</i>!"

"It's hard to imagine a Hollywood adaptation that would stay true to the book's political message. That would be a problem for me. I doubt I could be convinced to sell the rights to an American company -- filmmakers would be very tempted to turn the 'Denise'-and-Chester story into a variation of 'Pretty Woman.' The reality of our relationship is nothing like that film."

--Cartoonist and (ironically monogamous) prostitution enthusiast Chester Brown, on the prospect of seeing a big-screen version of his memoir of life as a john, Paying For It, in an event report and interview from CBR's James Gartler. It's just as well, really: Based on Brown's gaunt, vacant-eyed self-portraiture in that book, the only actor I can think of who could convincingly play the role is Jack Skellington, and I'm pretty sure that since The Nightmare Before Christmas he's been concentrating primarily on live theater.

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