Quote of the Day | Queenie Chan on women characters

"When I ask the average person about depictions of women in media, the first thing they mention is female body image, and the sexualisation of women. They then go on to talk about how the depiction of women affects the self-esteem of young girls, because they look into the mirror and find their physique wanting when compared to catwalk models.

My answer to that is usually not the ‘you should love yourself the way you are’ sort of stock reply, which has been bandied around for years, to little effect. Instead, I bounce another question back at the person asking it:

Why the focus on what women look like and what they’re wearing?

Why is the debate about teenage self-image always about appearances, and not about the stories of women as people who have lives, hopes and values?

[...] Using just a fine liner and a sheet of paper, I’ve created girls and women of various shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities. Sometimes these women are interested in romance, sometimes not, but all of them have the same agency as the male characters do. Which I feel is the important thing. Not so much talking endlessly about a woman’s appearance, but showing that every single character, male or female, can be a well-rounded person with goals and values."

Queenie Chan, creator of The Dreaming and artist for Odd Thomas.

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