Quote of the day | Neil Gaiman on the changing landscape of American comics

"In my opinion the biggest way the landscape has changed is just in its willingness to kind of go anywhere. The glory of comics has always been that comics is a medium that gets mistaken for a genre. People look at comics and go, 'Well, comics is a genre' and that actually allows you to do anything, any kind of genre, any story that you can tell using words and pictures can be told in comics. And sometimes anything that can be told using only pictures can be told in comics.

"And for me, really, the biggest change has been watching the embracing of that becoming more and more mainstream. Again, just the idea that we live in a world where the bestselling comic of the year was Robert Crumb retelling—completely literally—the Book of Genesis. There are weird things that does to my head…"

--Neil Gaiman, comics writer, novelist and editor of this year's Best American Comics 2010 in response to a question on how the landscape of American comics has changed over the last few years

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