Quote of the day | Neil Gaiman on digital comics and the iPad

"I loved, was shocked, delighted, and amazed by the fact that the first best seller that DC Comics had on the iPad was Sandman No. 1. Just sort of going, this is a comic I wrote 23 years ago, and you’ve got this new technology, and it’s here right now. I think they’re brilliant. I really do. And I think that I do not have the allegiance to paper that I ought to. Perhaps I don’t have the allegiance to paper that I ought to because anybody who invests in The Absolute Sandman, all four volumes, is now carrying 40 pounds of paper and cardboard around with them. And they hurt and they complain, 'Oh, I feel guilty.' And I look at it and go, you’re not getting anything that is quantitatively or qualitatively better than the experience you’d be getting on an iPad, where you can enlarge the pages, you can move it around, it’s following the eye, and you can flip the pages."

-- Neil Gaiman, in a longish, wide-ranging Q&A with New York magazine's Vulture blog

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