Quote of the Day | Matt Fraction on credit and collaboration

"I write for my partners. I write with them and to them. I seek collaborators and co-conspirators rather than employees. I share ownership of the books I do (Hawkeye obviously an exception) with the artists for whom I write as a rule. They make more than me, too, as a rule, and they earn it. Comics are a visual medium; to quote Mark Twain, 'Thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the job.'

It is a high-class problem at all that anyone wants to write critically about a book I write and I understand that, but I find it fatuous at best and disingenuous at worst when any book I write gets referred to as 'mine.' These comics result from the work of 'us.' One may as well write a restaurant review without referring to the actual taste of a meal, or a piece of music solely by its duration.

To not refer to the artists I am lucky enough to write for and co-create these books with reflects a morally (or at least intellectually) criminal neglect and ignorance of the process from which the books get made –thus casting any other commentary suspect while robbing attention and praise from those that deserve it."

-- Matt Fraction, writer of Casanova, Sex Criminals, Hawkeye and more, addressing the tendency for artists to be omitted from discussions of comics works

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